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Selleys Shoe Glue Review


It seems that the old Rugby Contact Cement no longer works as it used to.

Yes in 2019, it’s only enough to have your shoe fixed for a day or two!

So while walking around the nearest mall, I saw Selleys Shoe Glue! A 15ml tube costs S$5.90

So for my first test… A cracked rubber sole.


As you can see, I used a generous amount of glue on this one.


Shoe was glued between the crack and excess glue can be seen oozing out of the sole.

Will leave it for 2 days to dry before starting to use the shoe again.

Second test… my wife’s Canvas Shoes (same issue with my Chucks)


Since this one will affect the looks of the shoe, I have to be careful with the amount I’m using.

For my leather shoes (cracked sole), adhesive was applied around 1300H on a Friday and I started wearing the shoe Monday at 0900H. That’s more than 2 days for the adhesive to dry.

After a week use (I only use the shoe during office hours, I use Chuck Taylors 2 for my commute), so far so good.

Wife’s (white) shoe, more than a week to dry.

Chucks, more than 1 day.

Cracked sole – it lasted for a week. I’ll try to re-apply the adhesive again later and put a more generous amount.

Canvass shoe – this one is still ok, its not used everyday hence I’m happy that it’s holding up well.

ofo Bike Sharing…

They raised their prices. 50 cents to unlock a bike and another 50 cents for 15 minutes…

Ofo Price

Now it’s more expensive to take ofo than to just take a bus!


Had my watch serviced.

I was surprised that service will cost S$240.00! Price will go up if they need to replace anything inside.

After a month, I received a notification that my watch is ready and that there will be no additional costs.

Swatch Singapore Service Centre


After collection… I was informed that they will provide 2 years warranty after the service…

They will also give you a case, and the parts replaced from your watch.




Things I learned during collection…

When adjusting the date, time should be 6:30!

Do not adjust the date from 8:00 to 2:00! Since it’s my first time to hear this, I did some research and learned that the mechanism to change the date will start building up at 8pm and fully release at 2am.

So safest time (regardless of brand) to change the date is 6:30.

You will need around 40 hours to fully wind-up the watch. Just wear it regularly (or if you have a winder, use it). Do not vigorously shake the watch as it will case uneven wear on the watch’s internals and it will result to uneven oiling.

I initially thought S$240 for having my watch serviced is too much. But after seeing the watch fixed and on my wrist again, it was definitely worth.

My watches have stories and memories behind them, it’s one of the reasons why I’m still not using a smart watch.

Indra Regent Hotel

Stayed in this hotel for a week during our stay in Bangkok.

Less than 10 minutes walk away from Talad Neon.
5 minutes walk away from Platinum Fashion Mall.
Right beside Pratunam Market
Good massage place across the street

Once you’re in Platinum Fashion Mall, the other malls are connected through a bridge, so walking isn’t that bad.

I have mixed reviews on this hotel…

For toiletries, only soap and shampoo were provided… You have to pay for extras.





Minibar is pricey… Especially since a 7-11 is only across the street.


You get 2 free bottles of water everyday…But you have to leave the bottle in the room (it’s not disposable).


Don’t expect views from the Window… It’s a hotel in the City!


Room has a good size.



TV is 32 inches, but it’s either you watch a very old movie, or you undestand Thai.

World Cup (2018) was shown for free, but the commentators were Thai.




Room Wi-Fi? You have to pay… And the rate is daily!

Indra Regent Hotel WiFi

Free Wi-Fi is only available at the lobby, depending on your device, signal can reach the pool area.

Breakfast is a hit and miss… Mostly, a miss!

But thanks to McDonald’s and Starbucks at the ground level, you’ll be fine!

Other then the lack of free room Wi-Fi, the biggest complain I have is the very weak water pressure of the shower…

We complained this issue and they told us the entire hotel has the same water pressure…

I also can’t figure out how to mix cold and hot water… It felt like the options were only hot and hotter.

There are better hotels in the area… But we chose this hotel for 2 reasons…

1. It has a pool
2. Its really near the MRT

I’m skipping this hotel on my next Bangkok visit… I can’t even recommend it to friends.

It looks great on photos and its cheap!

But the Wi-Fi and shower pressure is a big deal breaker for me and my family.

Again, location is great! We had to take the train to the airport since we can’t book a Grab and Taxi during peak afternoon hours…

Wi-Fi is easy, if only they can do something about the shower!

Uber Singapore (and Philippines) is gone.

I’ve once written how I felt cheated with their discount codes. But in reality, Uber is 80% of the time cheaper than Grab.

Uber officially left Manila yesterday, April 16, making Singapore it’s last South East Asian country (it was required to extend until May 07).

And even on the last remaining days of Uber Singapore, it’s still noticeably cheaper than Grab.


My favorite part of Uber is that the driver doesn’t know where you’re going. They can’t choose passengers!

Unlike Grab which gives freedom to their drivers to choose passengers!

After May 07, it’s Grab vs Comfort… And we all know Comfort is even more expensive!


So I guess that’s it… Goodbye Uber…

Was at Holiday Inn Express for an overnight staycation!

Before I say anything about the hotel… Let’s talk about location!

Singapore is a small place with convenient public transport.

The hotel’s location is not perfect, but the Central Mall and Central Square are just across it if you’re looking for restaurants.

10 minutes walk to Chinatown MRT, Clark Quay MRT and Robertson Quay.

Taxis are available, but since this is Singapore, I suggest that you install Uber/Grab!

As for the hotel… It’s small.

The room has the basic stuff. (Although I can’t seem to remember seeing a safe)









Toiletries are limited, but you can request for a shaver and comb if needed.



Like other Singapore hotels, they will provide a free mobile phone with free data and local calls… Since the device runs on Android, you can also use it as a hotspot for other devices.


Alarm clock/phone speaker is available if you love listening to music.


On the roof top, they have the lap pool, jacuzzi and park. Don’t expect too much from the view, the hotel is basically in the middle of the city.










DIY Laundry is available on the 2nd floor and gym is also on the roof top… I didn’t have time to go around but both are mentioned on the hotel’s website.


As for the breakfast… Nothing to write about, but I’ve seen worst from neighboring hotels (so I guess it’s still a positive).





I guess people stay in Holiday Inn because of brand familiarity.

If you need the location, then Holiday Inn Express is ok. There are cheaper hotels nearby which offers a bigger room, better facilities and better location… But they will not have the Holiday Inn brand.

For more than a week this December (2017), I drove Mitsubishi’s Mirage G4.

It was a rental car which should give me a good look at the car.

Why am I so excited? Because I’m eyeing to buy the hatchback version of this car (also on my list are the Honda Brio and the Suzuki Celerio).


This is the exact car I drove from QC to Laguna to Subic to Clark and in small trips inside Metro Manila. Almost 500kms with the car and I guess that’s more than enough to write something about it.

The car had almost 31k in it’s Odometer, I’m not sure of it’s exact age, but 31k on a regular car should make it around 3 years old.

If you do a quick search… The car has a lot of negative reviews from Europe, US and Australia.

Positive side, it was the Philippines’ Car of the Year for 2012-13

So if you’re also thinking of buying this car… Hope this post will help in your decision.


Steering wheel’s audio controls were no longer working!
Visor was useless – I’m 5’8 and if I follow the “proper driving position,” the visor will block my view.


Steering wheel was blocking the turn lights (again following the “proper driving position”)

Speedo/Odometer had a blueish hue, which turned orange at night



Shift panel does not have lights which can be an issue if you’re not too familiar with the car.
A/C wasn’t strong enough – on a December!
No way to turn off “Eco Mode,” I believe this causes the half a second delay when stepping on the gas pedal. I find this dangerous if you’re not very familiar with the configuration. For provincial roads, the delay in acceleration will result to planned overtaking which can be tiring during long drives.

If you’ve read reviews about its weak rear suspension – it’s actually very weak, it also has this weird bounce when travelling in uneven roads at around 60kph… To those familiar with C5, there was this motorcycle lane near Taguig where the car just looses its poise…

I had 3 adult passengers at the back and after the trip they were complaining that the car had very stiff suspension. I told them it was not stiffness, the suspension was actually no longer moving!

Noise noise noise, I can hear the engine, the road and the car beside me.
I feel that if you’re one of those guys who sing in traffic, people outside will actually hear you!

The car can’t be all bad… Here’s a list of positives!

Can fit 5 adults, 4 if you want them to be comfortable
Start/Stop button – you need to get used to it, but I’m choosing it over the conventional car keys.
Reverse camera and sensors were so convenient
Turning radius, I was initially torn if its bigger… Or the car is just smaller.

So yes, my list of negatives are longer than my list of positives.

It’s also the reason why I started with the negatives.

One thing you have to consider is that you’ll be paying around 700 thousand pesos for this car. (G4 GLX – 712k as per TopGear Philippines)

At that price range, you can only get a Manual Vios, CVT Vios will cost around 840 thousand (1.3E AT as per TopGear Philippines)

If you’re thinking that the Vios is way bigger than the G4, look again… The 3rd Gen Vios is big, but the G4 is almost the same size as the 1st and 2nd Gen Vios.

I know I drove then top of the line GLS Mirage G4… Not the GLX.

And I honestly think the GLS is too expensive and you should look at other alternatives before buying one…

But the Mirage GLX (and the G4 variant) hits a sweet sopt in features and price.

If you’re 90% of the time alone in the car
Family of 3 (or even 4)
If that “out of town trip” is only twice a year (I do not count Tagaytay/Cavite/Batangas/Clark/Subic as out of town)

Then you can consider the Mirage. This will be a different if you’re considering a manual tranny car…. (get the Vios) But in 2018 (and beyond) I think it’s unfair to push my daughter to drive manual.

One thing about the car I rented… I tried so hard to keep the car’s Eco light on…
Did my calculations after returning the car… And I got 7km/l!
The car’s performance made me hope for 15km/l… 7 is just too low.
Maybe it’s the car’s maintenance, or lack thereof.

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