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Stayed at Red Planet Hotel (Quezon City) for 2 nights during my Manila visit. (click here for Google’s Street View)

Located along Timog (near GMA 7) its a couple of minutes walk from GMA Kamuning MRT station. Taxi is always available and you can also take a tricycle (for nearby destinations), they’re parked in front of Caltex.

There’s a 7-Eleven at the hotel lobby. There’s also a nearby Starbucks coffee.

Free parking is available, however it gets full!

They will recommend you to park you car at Caltex (across the street). Parking will cost PhP 50.00 for the first 5 hours and PhP 5.00 for succeeding hours.

Now for the room…

Space is enough, but don’t expect too much.

Red Planet Hotel Bed

No closets, but you get a place to hang your clothes.

Red Planet Hotel Clothes Rack

You get a safe, small table (work station), hair dryer and a TV (32 inch)…

Red Planet Hotel Safe

Red Planet Hotel TV

Red Planet Hotel Hair Dryer

I love the size of their shower room, toilet comes with a bidet.

They will only provide a liquid soap, be sure to bring your toiletries!

Red Planet Hotel Toiletries

Red Planet Hotel Soap

What the hotel doesn’t have… Gym, restaurant (so no breakfast provided) and pool.
What the room doesn’t have… Fridge, kettle (for coffee and tea), telephone and dresser.

Free room WiFi is provided. Tested the speed using the Speedtest App on my S6 Edge.

Red Planet Hotel WiFi Speed

Again for the hotel’s price, the internet was OK for usual Instant Messengers and booking a ride (either with Grab and Uber)

Personally, my only main issues against this hotel is (1) limited parking and (2) the lack of an electric kettle (for coffee).

I highly recommend this hotel!!!

Location is convenient.

Staff are friendly.

And the rooms are clean!

I am starting this new category at ice15(toys) where I will sign-up for free WiFi and test how fast they are!

Tests will be made using the App

Some of my posts might get old… so please don’t forget to re-check the date before going to the comments section…

This is my first Lazada Singapore purchase.

Classic St Mawes watch from Daniel Wellington.

Below are the watches’ specs from Daniel Wellington’s website.

Size: 36mm
Case thickness: 6mm
Case color: Rose gold (or silver)
Dial color: Eggshell White
Movement: Japanese Quartz Movement
Strap width: 18mm
Strap: Leather Strap
Strap color: Brown
Interchangeable straps: Yes
Water resistant: Up to 3 ATM (Rain resistant)

First, why Lazada?

Well, it’s convenient! Plus it’s priced well (almost similar to Amazon) and (as per Lazada support) the item is 100% authentic!

And wow, delivery was fast!

Ordered on a Sunday and received the item last Tuesday.

Packaged with a box and Styrofoam.

Lazada shipping.jpg

Lazada Package

Daniel Wellington Watch review

Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes 36mm Box

Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes 36mm

I visited City Chain and they told me that with Daniel Wellington… They have classified 36mm and below for ladies and 38mm and above for men…

So since this watch is for my daughter, I purchased the 36mm…

My daughter prefers Gold over Silver (which explains the color). And leather over Nato (straps).

Honestly, I find the watch simple and good looking… But I honestly won’t pay too much for it… Hence the Lazada purchase.

Lazada Seller (VoguePlay) has confirmed that since the watch is a parallel import, NorBreeze (Daniel Wellington’s local distributor) will not accept their receipt for warranty.

Although since the watch is powered by a Quartz Japanese Movement… I’m sure that the watch will only require battery replacement in the future.

I’m honestly very happy with the purchase (price+fast delivery) and I’m already thinking of future purchases with Lazada…

At less than S$150.00, Daniel Wellington’s St Mawes collection is a really good looking watch.

Highly recommended… Although I would suggest that you replace the tang buckle with a deployment clasp!

Definitely a late post but again, better late than never…

We spent 3 days (2 nights) at KSL Residences at Johor Bahru.

We regularly stay at KSL hotel but this is our first time to stay at KSL Residences

First thing you have to know is that it has a separate lobby from the hotel.

If you took the bus from JB Sentral, I suggest that you look for a hotel staff and ask for their assistance.

The room will NOT get serviced everyday! You will have to fix your own bed and clear your own rubbish.

KSL Residences To Know 2

Second, rooms doesn’t have WiFi, it’s only available at the lobby.

KSL Residences To Know P

Positives, compared to the hotel, you get amenities to cook, a regular sized fridge and a living room.

KSL Residences Kitchen

KSL Residences Room

KSL Residences TV


Sponge to clean your dishes is not provided.
Since service is not available, you will need to look for a room cleaner to have your towels changed.
Room isn’t carpeted.
Room doesn’t have a phone, you’ll need to use your mobile phone to contact the front desk.

KSL Residences has its own pool, gym and sauna.

The pool is awesome, you’ll definitely love it for your laps! But they do not provide pool towels.

KSL Residences Pool Area

KSL Residences Swimming Pool

KSL Residences Lap Pool

KSL Residences Lap Pool 2

KSL Residences Eternity Pool

Upon check-in, they will provide a “towel card” which you’ll use to get 2 towels from the hotel side. You’ll need to return the towel before check-out to get your card back.

Gym has less facilities compared to the hotel… BUT you can access the hotel’s gym if needed…

KSL Residences Gym

KSL Residences Pool Area Washroom P

If you’re staying as a family (or with friends), KSL Residences makes so much sense.

The rooms are bigger, facilities to cook, and you get amenities of the “residences” (awesome pool) and the “hotel” (awesome gym + dino park).

But if you’re 3 (or less) and have no plans to cook. KSL Hotel is more than enough.

KSL Residences Room 2

KSL Residences Bath Tub P

KSL Residences Bathroom Sink

KSL Residences Toilet

KSL Residences Lawn

KSL Residences Kids Lawn

Samsung/LG Selfie Stick?

MWC 2016 is finished, LG and Samsung has announced new phones (G5 and S7/Edge), new cameras and accessories…

Now for my biggest question…

Where’s the Selfie Stick?

We ALL own one… And (later) we all bought a remote for our phone’s shutter!

Selfie Stick


CDR King BT Remote

I personally own a generic stick with a BT remote from CDR King!

It would have been awesome if Samsung and LG released official Selfie Sticks for their devices…

OEM’s (and even Apple) has done a lot of upgrades to a phone’s front facing cameras for Selfies… Do they expect us to keep using our stretched arm to take photos?

GoPro has an official “Monopod” for their cameras and Xiaomi has a Selfie Stick available from their website!

Wouldn’t it be nice if Samsung/LG can start looking at designing (and maybe selling) selfie sticks for their phones?

It will be a good start and maybe later they can release an official car/bike mount…

Disney’s Mickey Watch

I have 2 Mickey Mouse watches from Disney Cruise Line

Disney Mickey Watch

If you intend to keep one as a souvenir, you would love the fact that both watches uses Miyota 2039 (Japanese Quartz Movement).

Mickey Mouse watch

Miyota 2039

Battery is SR626SW, easily available and inexpensive.

SR626SW Battery

In my opinion, the use of Miyota 2039 as the movement of this watch is a big deal… You know its going to last forever!

If you plan to use it daily (Robert Langdon look?)… The leather strap will not age gracefully… It uses a Tang buckle which causes the leather to chip. I highly recommend that you use a deployment buckle.

I keep both watches for my trips to Disneyland… Reminds me to be young at heart and to smile at little things…


Mickey Mouse watch Movement

Mickey Mouse Miyota 2039

I’m not including the iPod Touch since it’s basically an iPhone without a cellular radio…

This post is about the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle

I presently still own an iPod Classic (5th Gen) and an iPod Shuffle (3rd Gen).

Both were gifts from my wife… I still even use my iPod Shuffle for my daily commute since I want to save my Galaxy S6 Edge‘s battery!

I know this post is titled “what would make me buy?” But its more of like “features I wish Apple would add to the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.”

iPod Nano

1. Video out and ability to play FHD videos.

Way back in the days when hotels provided CRT TVs, I used to load movies on my iPod Classic. Using an Apple Composite AV Cable (30pin to RCA), I used my iPod Classic to watch movies.

The iPod Nano uses a lightning port but it’s not compatible (according to Apple’s website) with Apple’s Lightning to Digital AV (Lightning to HDMI) adapter.

Its technical specs also mentions that it can only play the following video format.

H.264 video: 720 by 576 pixels, 30 frames per second; Baseline, Main and High-Profile level 3.0 with AAC-LC audio up to 256 Kbps; 48kHz; stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4 and .mov file formats

MPEG-4 video: up to 2.5 Mbps, 720 by 576 pixels, 30 frames per second; Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 256 Kbps; 48kHz; stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4 and .mov file formats

2. It should be able to play our Apple Music playlists off-line.

I believe this feature is available for the Apple Watch

3. Manage content using an iPad.

Right now, you need a Mac/PC (using iTunes) to sync songs and manage music on an iPod Nano. It would be nice if you can use your iPad, maybe Apple can release a Lightning to Lightning cable.

Features that will make the iPod Nano awesome.

1. Return of the camera, remember the 5th Gen? I’m not asking for a 12MP camera. 5MP will be enough…
2. Wi-Fi, would be nice for wireless syncing with your iPad/Mac.
3. Ability to answer calls (while connected to your iPhone via BT) and maybe read/reply to your messages.
4. Siri (while connected to your iPhone/iPad via BT)

iPod Shuffle

(As mentioned above for the iPod Nano)
1. It should be able to play your Apple Music playlists off-line.

2. Manage content using an iPad.

3. Lightning Cable

Right now, you will need a USB to 3.5 adapter to sync songs to your Shuffle.

Using a Lightning Cable (instead) should be more convenient (it’s 1 less cable) and will perfectly align with Apple’s rumored plan to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from future iPhones.

4. Bluetooth

To allow us to use wireless earphones.

Features that will make the iPod Shuffle awesome.

1. Camera. Maybe a HD Video camera? Just imagine clipping the Shuffle on your shirt and using it as an action camera.
2. Ability to answer calls (while connected to your iPhone via BT).
3. Siri (while connected to your iPhone/iPad via BT)

A dedicated MP3/Video player in 2016 doesn’t make any sense (not unless it plays Lossless Audio Codec)…

Apple needs to make the iPod Nano and Shuffle companions to the iPhone and iPad (or maybe even the Mac).

They don’t even need to look too far… All they have to do is look at the Apple Watch and try to move the iPods on the same direction.

Yes, the iPod as we know it (a dedicated MP3 player) is dead… It needs an upgrade for 2016 and beyond.

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