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Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

We have always been a fan of Shangri-La hotels…

Tried it in Makati (very long ago), we’ve regularly stayed at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, but this is our first time at Shangri-La Hotel (Orchard).

First thing you have to know is that it’s actually far from Orchard Rd… But there’s a free shuttle with pick-up points at Wisma Atria and Takashimaya (Taxi Stand). The free shuttle leaves the hotel every 30 minutes… Last shuttle leaves at 8pm.

We were able to stay at the Tower Wing…

Tower Wing P

As expected, room was great.



20150807_150658 P


20150807_150651 P

20150807_150645 P

20150807_150632 P

20150807_172924 P


20150807_150749 P

20150807_173521 P

20150807_150725 P

20150807_150707 P

20150807_150729 P


From our room, you can see the pool.

20150807_150815 P

20150807_150827 P

And here are photos of the pool area.


P1030747 P1030746 P1030745 P1030744

Breakfast from The Line will cost you SGD 43.00++ but believe me, it’s worth it.

This post has very few worlds… But believe me, the experience was so good. I’m honestly having a hard time to describe it.

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan

Stayed at Ibis Tokyo Shinjuku Hotel during our Japan trip and the experience was very pleasant!

Exact address and contact details:
7-10-5 Nishi-Shinjuku,
160-0023 Tokyo, Japan
Tel. +81333611111
Fax. +81333694216

Getting there…

If you check out Google Maps, Ibis Hotel is very near the Shinjuku Station. However, Shinjuku has 2 stations that are not connected.

If you’re coming from Narita airport, you’ll exit the station on the right.


Then you’ll have to walk to Ibis hotel.

Since my daughter is 14, we had to take a tripple sharing room. Sadly, it came with 3 beds! (we were hoping for a queen+super single set-up).

Ibis Hotel Tokyo Japan roo

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan room

The room had the usual working table, TV, fridge and closet.

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan wardrobe

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan TV

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan Fridge

A lot of reviews mentioned that the shower area was too small, we find it ok…

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan Washroom

(Shiseido) Shower gel, shampoo and lotion were all provided… Including disposable shavers!

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan toiletries

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan toiletries 2

Internet was amazingly fast!

7-10mbps download speed but upload speed was 40mbps!

Ibis Hotel Wi-Fi

Upload speed was a big plus since I backed up my photos while charging at night.

The hotel had a restaurant (Cafe Rendezvous) in the 2nd floor (Lobby) which we never tried.

Cafe Rendezvous Tokyo

Cafe Rendezvous Shinjuku

On the first floor is McDonald’s…

Click here for a view using Google’s Street View.

There are also convenience stores near the area…

If you’re planning for a vacation in Tokyo, Japan… You have to consider this hotel… It’s clean, staff are friendly and conveniently located at Shinjuku!

After 2 years, we visited the Seacare Hotel again for a weekend.

Was too lazy to visit the Sky Lounge and the Gym, and I’m sure you’re not staying in this part of Singapore to workout :)

Room is still clean, sheets and towels feel new…





Our fridge was empty so I suggest that you buy drinks from the nearest supermarket.

Alarm clock with 30pin adapter is gone, TV still has the usual local channels + HBO.

Internet was a welcome improvement, just connect to their network, key-in their password and your good… No limit on the number of devices!



The speed was also unbelievable!

Breakfast was still not good… We decided to just have it at McDonald’s… (There’s a nearer one at People’s Park)

Near the hotel is a newly opened shop for massage… Note that I did not call it a “spa” and newly opened means 2015…

If you’re thinking of going to People’s Park for foot massage, I recommend the Yuan Sanctuary since its very near the Seacare Hotel.

Visited Manila over the weekend…

Technically, it’s my first time flying out (via NAIA Terminal 3) of Manila without my wife and we just can’t find the following information online…

Travel Tax

Travel Tax for Singapore Permanent Resident – just needed to pay PhP 200.00 Travel Tax for Singapore Student Pass – (minor, below 12 years old) PhP 1,010.00. My daughter is 14 years old so I had to pay the full rate of PhP 1,620.00 OFW Dependent – PhP 300.00 (we normally just pay this if my wife is travelling with us)

Philippine Travel Tax Rates

Airport Terminal Fee

Booked my flights on-line which required me to pay PhP 550.00 for terminal fee. My original booking did not include my daughter, arranging her flights online will require an additional SGD 100.00 for unaccompanied minor fees. We called Cebu Pacific‘s call center, and all arrangements for my daughter (including payment) was made through phone.

Before paying the terminal fee, a security personnel will be checking your boarding pass, and they’ve informed me that my daughter does not need to pay for terminal fees as it was included in her ticket.

Airport (free) Wi-Fi

Yes, provided by Globe… While waiting for our flights, we decided to stay at Bo’s Coffee (near gate 112) as they also offered free Wi-Fi, just in case the one offered by Globe is not working.

Philippine Airport free WiFi

If you need to drink water… Bottled water is actually cheaper at Bo’s Coffee (compared to the other shops inside).

Bo’s was selling distilled water at PhP 25.00 per bottle. Other shops were selling mineral water for PhP 30.00 per bottle.

Just a tip, if you entered the airport with an empty water bottle, you can have it refilled near gate 111.

NAIA Terminal 3 water

Pasalubong (Souvenirs)

Be extra careful when buying treats from the airport, check the “best before” (expiry date) sticker before purchasing. Some of them are made of milk and may not last a week.


Once you gate is open (for boarding), some guys tend to stand up even if their row numbers are not yet called… Some guys even automatically queue… If your row number is called, inform the airline staff and they’ll allow you to board.

I guess it’s that time again when I’m tired of using the same “logo” and “signature” in all my photos.


Not sure what my next “avatar” will look like…

But my new signature will be seen on the future photos that I will be uploading.

New Sign 2

Color may change but basically I’m happy with the idea of simple lines under my photos.


Google should release a bootable USB Drive with ChromeOS!

They can call it the Chrome Stick!

Think about it…

USB Drive pre-loaded with ChromeOS which can run on your old PC or Netbook!

If they’re worried about sales of Chromebooks/boxes, they can just release it for developing countries.

It will really help government schools where computer to student ratio is bad.

We all have old notebooks/desktops at home which will just add trash to our landfills!

Maybe with Google’s help these computers can be made useful for the next user.

How will this benefit Google?

Just imagine a group of kids… Clicking on the Chrome icon everytime they want to browse the internet… All those kids growing up to use Google Search!

I honestly grew up learning to click the IE icon… Google can change that if only they can move ChromeOS fast enough.

A sub-$25.00 USB stick will get them there!

Android is getting forked, left right center.

You can see various versions of Android for entry level phones.

This is why I believe Android One was a good move by Google.

Entry level phones running the latest Android version for developing countries.

When Android One was announced, I initially thought it’s a phone for my mom… She still uses basic Nokia phones as she needs battery life and the number pad.

Then I realized, my mom will not like an Android One device because she will need to charge it daily and she will need to (again) learn to use a mobile phone…

She doesn’t need a qwerty keyboard to reply “ok”.

Google (and its Android team) needs is to create a simple/lean version of Android to replace Series 40.

Just think of the Nokia 1 or 2 series, what if it had Wi-Fi, and every time you reach home you can send/receive messages/calls using Hangouts. You also get Chrome and Google Search.

It will be perfect for older folks who do not want to re-learn on how to use a phone.

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