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(photo from Google’s Street View)

Spent a week (November 2015) at One Pacific Place, Makati.

We also stayed on the same hotel last April, however I was too busy (and tired) to take photos and check out their amenities.

Our room (this time) was twin sharing.

20151102_110047 P

Beds are small (super single) but sheets are nice and smooth.


Room is cooled by a split type aircon which has a constant buzz at night.


The room has a mini bar, fridge and a sink!


20151102_110128 P


TV (with Cable) and a DVD Player!


20151102_110904 P

20151102_115217 p

You also get a closet, safe and office desk.

20151102_111003 p


Strangely they provided LAN connection for your laptop however it’s in between the beds… Not even close to the desk!

20151102_110952 COPY


Bathroom is spacious, but they’ll only provide a lotion, soap, conditioner and shampoo.



20151102_111130 p

20151102_111052 p


20151102_111144 P

Bath towels remind me of the ones they provide in our gym… They’re not the soft and fluffy type, but they do not feel old (ehem, Siloso Beach resort).

On the 7th floor, they have an open deck and a kid’s playroom.

20151104_095510 P



Here’s a panoramic photo of what you can see from the open deck.


You will also see the pool area from the open deck.



6th floor has the pool and gym…




According to the front desk, free Wi-Fi is only available for 2-3 devices, don’t forget to ask them for your username and password.


Morning speed is promising… But speed dips at night!


Breakfast is available (2 complimentary) at the restaurant on the first floor…

I suggest that you check out the spread before paying for that third person… Sometimes, it’s just not worth it… (There’s a McDonald’s nearby!

I have only one complain… Your room’s access card does not give you access to their parking! You’ll need to go to the ground floor and ask someone from their front desk to press B1 or P2 for you.

Other than that, this hotel is so clean, coming back is never a question! For their price, accessibility and facilities, highly recommended if you’re looking for an inexpensive place in Makati!

Other than the McDonald’s, nearby restaurants include New Bombay (Indian), KFC, Yellow Cab (Pizza) and North Park (Chinese).

Ayala Triangle is also only 12 minutes (walk) away.

Family Mart and 7-Eleven are also nearby.

If you’re looking for a massage, Touch & Heal (Leviste) is a good place to visit!

This post is NOT about “How to Install a Car Stereo” on your Mitsubishi Adventure.

But, if you just replaced your battery and noticed that the time on your Adventure’s Car Stereo is back to 1200… This post is for you.

One more thing…

I’m talking about the Adventure Car Stereo with a MMAD

Mitsubishi Adventure Car Stereo

And just incase, an Adventure looks like this!

Mitsubishi Adventure

(Also known as the Kuda, Africar Landio, Jolie, Soueast Freeca and Africar Jockey)

Back to adjusting the clock on your Adventure’s Car Stereo…

First thing you have to do is ensure that the car stereo is turned on… Press then button on the upper left side.

Mitsubishi Adventure Stereo Power Button

Once it’s turned on.

Press and hold the DISP button on the left side.

MMAD Mitsubishi Adventure Stereo DISP Button

Once the screen says “AUX 1 ON“, you can let go of the DISP Button and press the volume knob once.

Mitsubishi Adventure Stereo Volume Knob

You can now adjust the “hour”. To adjust the minutes, press the right “seek” button.

Mitsubishi Adventure Stereo Seek Button

You may want to check out the video below…

After adjusting the time, pressing the knob again will also allow you to change other settings in your Stereo, like the BT Password.

My first 3 “Smartphones” were made by HTC.

The Tanager, XDA II mini and the Dopod 838.

I loved them so much, my wife replaced her Nokia 6610 with a XDA II mini and later an i-mate K-Jam.

Sadly, the Wizard was the last HTC device for both of us.

I later used an Asus P525 and my wife needed something she can use in the US… The Razr.

HTC makes unbelievably great phone hardware.

I remember recommending the HTC One (M7) to my friends and colleagues, but they all decided to get the Galaxy S4 from Samsung!

Why not HTC? Accordingly to them, their Hero, ChaCha and Salsa were really bad phones.

I gave them the funny look and told them it’s not fair to judge the HTC One based on their experience with entry level phones.

Sadly, people they knew who used devices from Samsung (like the Galaxy Ace and Y) did not have the same issues they encountered…

So here’s my point… HTC lost the trust of a generation (I was mostly talking to early to mid-20’s who were on their first jobs). Older guys think their ok, but the younger ones prefer (Android) devices from Samsung and Xiaomi (and lately LG).

For HTC to revive it’s glory days, it needs a device that’s inexpensive. And that device is definitely not the A9!

According to The Verge, the A9 will cost $399.99 that version will have 3GB of RAM and 32GB Storage. However, in the UK, the device will cost £429.99 ($665) for a device that will only have 2GB RAM and 16GB storage.

I wonder how much will the Asian version cost and what configuration will it have…

HTC US also promised Android updates, but again no one is sure if they’re talking about US devices only.

At $399.99, the A9 will be competing against the Moto X Pure Edition, the Nexus 5X and the iPhone 5S.

It’s 2015! You want your device on the hands of rappers/artists and athletes! Since HTC may have budget issues to do that, they can tap another market… High school kids! Last time I checked, they were either using an iPhone (5 and newer), Samsung Galaxy (A5/S4/Note 2 and newer) and Xiaomi!

I would forgive HTC if they made a 5C replica… Like Xiaomi’s Mi4i and sold it for $200.00… An Android One device from HTC will make the world go crazy…

The A9? How the mighty has fallen with no parachute!

Like what I mentioned earlier on my BlackBerry Venice post…

HTC (like BlackBerry) needs to put devices on as many hands as possible, and we’re not talking about a useless slab of glass and plastic! The device needs to be reliable and good…

A mobile phone at less than $200.00 is impulse buy territory and some parents will buy it for their children.

If people realize that the brand is ok, they will start to spend more and consider the mid-range and flagship devices later.

It’s what the Chinese OEMs are doing and maybe, HTC should try to take a peek on that strategy.

Back to iOS?

Yes, I am an Android user…

But before that, I was a Windows Mobile user, a BlackBerry user and an iOS (iPhone 4/iPad 2) user.

So I guess switching (mobile) OSes isn’t new to me.

My first Android device was the Galaxy Note 2… Loved the size and I also immediately fell in love with Android.

Coming from an iPhone 4, I love the fact that you can use gestures to type, turn by turn directions thanks to Google Maps, launchers and themes to customize the look and the ability to assign other apps as default.

My Galaxy Note 2 was really abused. It geo-tagged my photos during vacations, used as a GPS when driving and personal hotspot. Thanks to its OTG feature I even used it to back up photos to Dropbox and even used it as a portable media player (using an MHL cable).

I then replaced my iPad 2 with a Nexus 7 (2013) since I wanted a smaller tablet…

Nexus 7 had it’s limitations (no OTG and MHL) but it received Android updates.

It was updated to KitKat (Android 4.4) months before my Note 2 received the update. My Note 2 also never received Lollipop (Android 5).

Here’s my problem with Android, you buy a current flagship device (I presently own an S6 Edge) then months later you’re never sure when and if you’re ever getting the latest Android version.

I know a lot of people who doesn’t care which version of Android their using, but I won’t be writing this blog if I was one of them… I want to use Now on Tap and I’m hoping for improved battery performance of my devices… Something Marshmallow (Android 6) will provide. Sadly, all I can do right now is wait.

Something I’ll never have to do when I’m using an iOS device.

When Apple announces a date for iOS, ALL qualified devices get an update.

But there’s a catch, my iPad 2 never received Siri when it got updated to iOS 5. my daughter’s iPad mini 2 did not get the Split Screen mode of iOS 9 and even if the 4S got iOS 9, it’s doesn’t support CarPlay.

When my Nexus 7 (2013) receives Marshmallow (Android 6), it will get all the available new features from the new OS.

So basically, you get a limited update on iOS… But you still get something new. With Android, you may never get an official update but when you do, its like having a new device again.

Another issue are cases, I’m unable to find a case for my 2 year old Nexus 7, even my wife’s Galaxy Note 8 (BTW, is presently stuck on Android 4.4) has very limited cases available! Yes, maybe not everyone will care about their device’s case, but if you travel a lot, having a case is very handy…

Do I go for the stability of iOS? The assurance of updates and accessories? The beauty of its Apps? And the one size fits all Apple approach?

Or do I go Android and have my device replaced evary 2 years?

I guess the best route is to have an Android/iOS combination… Since Google did not announce a Nexus tablet this year, do I go S6 Edge plus iPad setup?

Let’s see… I’m expecting to get Marshmallow for my Nexus 7 before the holidays… If everything goes well, I can wait for the iPad Air 3!


Bought a new pair of shoes to replace the ones I use for office.

I’ve been using the same office shoes since January 2013 and I guess it’s time for a replacement.

Now, why am I writing about this and never wrote about my Crocs Stretch Sole Loafer (for my commute) nor my Rad Russel leather shoes (for formal parties)?

Bacause this pair has ADIPRENE (by Adidas) which should make it comfortable…

Well, so far so good.

The sole felt like a regular rubber shoe on its first few days… I actually found it too soft.

A week later, the sole has stiffened up a bit. I actually prefer it this way since it feels more stable.

Since the sole is softer than your usual leather shoes, I experienced some squeaking in some surfaces.

Sides of the sole are also bigger that your usual leather shoes which means that it will be difficult to use the pair for formal events.

Rockport with ADIPRENE

I personally find Rockport’s (with ADIPRENE) line a bit pricey. But I also cannot commute using my old leather shoes…

If you walk alot and need something comfortable, this pair is highly recommended. You can always get another pair for your formal parties.

Rockport Adidas

Marina Mandarin Singapore

Had an overnight stay at Marina Mandarin last weekend (September 25-26, 2015).

Yes, it’s that odd looking building

Marina Mandarin

The room looked weird and old.

It was a twin bed room, but we didn’t get the usual 2-queen sized bed, instead it was a 2-super single bed set-up (similar SeaCare Hotel and Siloso Beach Resort!)


Marina Mandarin Singapore Twin Bed

Marina Mandarin Twin Room

Then there’s a weird big space near the window…

You also get the usual TV (with sports, local channels, HBO, Cartoon Network etc). Mini fridge with mini bar and safe.

Marina Mandarin Singapore





TV is all mounted, but you can adjust the angle, HDMI is located behind the TV.


Shower + Toiletries is a big let down.

The hotel ONLY provided 1 shower gel, 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 soap, 1 shower cap, 1 sanitary bag and 2 toothbrush! Yes, NO shavers and NO comb!

The main shower area was also unbelieavably small, an average sized person will have bruised elbows after having their shower.

Our room also did not have a bath tub!




Consolation? Towels felt new!

Pool area and gym are located at the 5th floor.




Marina Mandarin Singapore Pool


Marina Mandarin View

Vanda Ballroom shares the same washroom with the Pool area, so if you’re there for a formal party, be ready to see wet kids on the same washroom!

Weekend breakfast was available from 6:30-10am, served at Aquamarine (4th floor). It was sadly “just ok” nothing fancy, if their staff charges you for breakfast, I would suggest that you just walk to the nearest mall (Marina Square) and have your breakfast there.

If it’s your first time to visit, taxi will drop you at the lobby, check-in/out counters are at Level 4.

The hotel also has a direct link to Marina Square.

If you’re inside the mall, the link is between American Tourister and Sperry Top Sider (3rd Floor).

(taken from Marina Square’s directory)

Marina Mandarin interior



Since it’s 2015, I have to mention about the hotel’s WiFi.

According to the operator, I can connect ONLY 3 devices.

Once connected to their network, you will have the option to go free, or premium ($32.10 for 24 hours)


Free connection provided around 4Mbps download and 5Mbps upload.

Speed drops during the night time, as you can see I only got 1.52Mbps download and 4.37Mbps upload.


D’Resort Singapore

Visited D’Resort over the weekend (September 26-27, 2015 to be exact)…

If my observation/understanding is correct, Costa Sands Downtown East and Pasir Ris is gone and D’Resort will be the replacement…

Nearest bus stop is Aft Loyang Gardens (2nd stop, bus 354 from Pasir Ris interchange)

D Resort

You can also alight from Downtown East (1st stop, bus 354 from Pasir Ris interchange) bus stop but it will be quite a walk.

BBQ Pits are more spacious (compared to the old Costa Sands Downtown East), rooms are also improved.

Our room had a Samsung Smart TV, regular sized 2 door fridge and a Microwave Oven.

Free WiFi was available however its very slow and unreliable.

Here are some items you should know if your planning to visit.

1. Only towels, shower gel, toilet paper and soap are provided in the toilet… Bring your own toiletries and facial tissue!

2. TV only has local channels

3. The room did not have a safe (or may be there is, but I don’t remember seeing one.

4. Signal from Singtel, Starhub and M1 were all not consistent. Singtel (iPhone 6 & 5S) cannot get a proper data (mostly GPRS only), Starhub (iPhone 6) was also bad. My S6 on M1 was getting 4G, but my daughter’s iPhone 5C was also just getting GPRS.

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