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All about my Blog!

I have long wanted to make my own blog, maybe it’s the boredom I get working here in Singapore with all my family and friends left in Manila. 

I am too lousy to even buy my own TV and I am just keeping myself entertained from watching movies (original DVD or Big Screen, of course) and reading books. 

So for my first ever article in this blog, I would like all of you to know what to expect from this blog. I am a gadget freak, a car lover and regularly watch movies. So the next time you visit my blog, you will read things on gadgets, but only those I can get my hands on.

Cars, on how they look, I can only share you pictures and some comments on cars I can see here in Singapore, I cannot drive them as I do not have a driver’s license here and I cannot imagine myself driving on the other side of the road. Movies, those that I will get to catch on the big screen, I might praise or diss some movies I will get to watch on video but you can always expect a different angle on how I view these movies. 

It’s been a while since I have done any writing, I’m not sure if anyone would care read this blog at  all, but to all of you who will be reading some articles, I thank you in advance!


Comments on: "All about my Blog!" (4)

  1. cool! welcome to the world of blogging! 🙂

  2. mariyoka said:

    iceman ok…wala ba review tungkol sa mga cars hehehe….madalas ako magdrop by sa motioncars

  3. Thanks Reggie!

    ***** for Mariyoka

    As of now, quite busy with work but I hope to add other things in my categories!

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