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This is such a small device so a short review will be appropriate.


  1. Small
  2. One Button Operation
  3. Will work with any iPod (except the shuffle)
  4. Uses a Motorola charger
  5. Can control your iPod remotely (play, pause, next/previous song)


  1. Does not lock to the iPod (I use a rubber band to prevent it from disconnecting)
  2. Charging the adapter will NOT charge the iPod
  3. Battery life is around 5 hours
  4. Charger was NOT included with the package.

This thing is compatible with Motorola Stereo Bluetooth headphones.

Here are some pictures of the actually unit.



Side: You will see that it uses the same charger with the newer Motorola phones, but it is 25% thicker than my iPod video (not noticeable from my camera angle)


Comments on: "Gadget Review: Jabra A125s Bluetooth Music Adaptor for the iPod" (6)

  1. where to buy here in manila

  2. I was able to get mine from Digital Walker in SM Mall of Asia

  3. video sound delay?

  4. Almost negligible, I even use it to watch videos.

  5. […] my set-up is that my Motorola HT820 is paired with my Jabra A125s then at the same time connected to my ASUS P525 this is perfect since I can answer my calls easily […]

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