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Update: Sadly, this place is no longer open for business. (CLOSED)

 ***Jolly V is now known as Happy V***

I think all Filipinos here in Singapore have heard that there’s a Jollibee stall in Lau Pa Sat but it is not the Jollibee we all Filipinos love.

This is actually Jolly V, I have to say that it is the closest thing we can get to enjoy the Chicken Joy!


Jolly V Menu


They also have Spaghetti (Filipino Style) and Palabok.

I have not eaten from Jollibee since September of 2007 (it’s been 8 months already! Today is 09 May 2008) and I must say that eating from Jolly V will really remind you of our very own Jollibee.

Jollibee from wikipedia


Comments on: "Filipino Food in Lau Pa Sat: Happy V Fried Chicken (formerly known as Jolly V)" (9)

  1. Yay! I just love their ChickenJoy copycat.

  2. I am currently in Manila, will be trying Jollibee one of these days.

    And yes, I am a Singaporean, and i have heard many of my Filipino friends talking about Jolly V, the supposed “imitation”. Want to try that one of these days too!

  3. yeah.. nice! my cousin owns that..

  4. any info why the name was changed from Jolly-V to Happy-V?

  5. yeah we been to singapore and we found a restaurant look like jollibee but i think happy V food is way better than jollibee i like that way they cook the chickenjoy………….I fainted when i tried there spaghetti and there chicken its out of this world the taste you will always grabe on it,,,,,,,,,,,yummy

  6. Thanks for the comment!

    All I can say is that taste is very subjective; one thing great about Happy-V is that their chicken is always newly cooked/fried!

    The downside is that sometimes, it takes 15 minutes before your order is available.

  7. […] Yes, this is a new food stall in addition to Tapa King, Panyeros, Mang Kiko’s and Happy-V. […]

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