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Axioo Pico (MSI Wind)

To all you guys (like me) who have been waiting for the launch of the MSI Wind here in Singapore. The long wait is over!

Here in Singapore the MSI Wind was launched as the Axioo Pico.

Here are some sites on the Axioo Pico,39050488,43826587p,00.htm

It comes with a 160GB hard disk and Windows XP Home Edition.

It also has a one (1) year Singapore Warranty.

Comments on: "Axioo Pico (MSI Wind)" (6)

  1. So did you buy one? It’s selling for $748.

  2. not yet, at SGD 748 it will ONLY come with a free 4GB Drive. I think I can get a better deal if a wait further till the IT Fair in Expo by end of this year.

    I have waited long enough for the Wind to arrive Singapore and a little bit more won’t hurt 🙂

  3. In Denpasar Bali, I bought it IDR 5,600,000 with 160 GB hard disk and 1 year Indonesia warranty.

  4. Orang keren said:

    kau itu lily???? ha8 kbetulan yg aneh

  5. please post your messages in english 🙂

    thank you for visiting

  6. Great post, I found it useful where did I need this information…thanks

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