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This must be the biggest event for us Eraserheads fans. If you do not agree with me, I believe you will not even read this post.


I know there have been a lot of blogs and news about this concert but this is nothing related to those posted earlier. I have no information on where to buy tickets…ok?


I am presently out of the country and will not be able to watch this concert; however, I just want to share my little opinion on how stupid people from the Department of Health and other anti smoking groups are…


The DOH and other groups have been against this concert from Day 1 it was announced, what was originally planned to be a free concert thanks to a big “event owner” is now an expensive concert with NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. It feels like we were left hanging waiting for information on where to get tickets.


As tobacco companies are not allowed to sponsor event such as concerts, this tobacco company “owned” the event and made it free to whoever is a part of their mailing list. If they planned to have a Christmas Party with a small local band as guests, will these people still be against it?


I have once attended a seminar offered for Free by a tobacco company before and believe me, they had free cigarettes all over the place. But since I do not smoke, I just went there for the Free Seminar. It was actually a win win situation for me since I have always believed that the best things in life are free!


As the story goes for the past few weeks, to get a free concert ticket, you need to be a part of a certain “mailing list”.


There are people who are now part of this “mailing list” who do not smoke and just wanted to have their hands on a Free Ticket. Entering this list may send you cigarette related mails regularly but if you think about it looking at the bigger picture, you can always have their messages deleted.


We have been receiving e-mails regarding Sex and Viagra and other stuff everyday thanks to  spammers, what’s wrong if we receive mails from a tobacco company just to enter free events owned by them? Last time I checked, my GMAIL has more than 800 spam messages. Now we have to spend hard earned cash just to watch the Eraserheads concert.


To people in DOH and other anti-smoking groups, we do not buy Viagra and have sex with people thanks to the mails we receive so we will also not smoke even if this tobacco company sends us nutritional facts about their products.


All we want is a free concert.


Next time, do not use your DOH ID’s to enter the RED List, I don’t think they will approve your application; you should have used a driver’s license or maybe a Voter’s ID…


If you cannot watch a free concert thanks to your ID’s, don’t make too much noise about it. We’ll upload it in Youtube for you anyway.


To the Eraserheads, I know you won’t be able to read this post but if ever this reaches you. I have always been a fan. It’s hard to bury things that happened between you guys but we really appreciate the effort you are doing to pull this off for all of us fans.   

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  1. This is suppose to be an intro for my post but I wanted to keep my post as short as possible.

    If you do not agree with my opinion on this post, please do not send me an e-mail, you can post a comment here.

    To people who will be sending me an e-mail regarding this post, I will post your messages here as well.

    Thank you for visiting 🙂

  2. I’m an Eheads fan myself and had looked forward to watching the concert. With due respect, DOH and tobacco control advocates were NEVER against the concert. They were merely against Philip Morris/Marlboro sponsoring it. If you haven’t read it yet, sponsorships and advertisements by tobacco companies have been banned since July 1. That is the point of DOH. Check this out:

    Philip Morris’ advertising tactics devious, says tobacco control group


    Philip Morris Philippines (PMI) is using “devious advertising tactics” to promote the Marlboro brand in the guise of organizing a reunion concert of Pinoy rock band legend Eraserheads, a tobacco control advocate group said Wednesday.

    “Like millions of Filipinos, we want to watch the reunion concert. But when we look for ways to get the tickets, we are redirected to This is clearly tantamount to advertising,” said Dr. Maricar Limpin, executive director of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines (FCAP).

    The website or ‘The Red List” was put up by Philip Morris only this year especially for the Eraserheads concert.

    Fans who want to avail of tickets to the concert need to register on the website by providing PMI personal information including names, home address, email address, mobile phone and home phone numbers.

    Limpin said the adults-only registration site will eventually be used by the tobacco company to promote its products through the Internet.

  3. I know they were not against it. But as I said, Philip Morris “OWNED” the event.

    If they had a closed door Christmas party for all their employees wherein the Eraserheads would perform will it be illegal?

    So now the party is in Aug and they have invited their entire mailing list, but they never published anything to invite people to join their mailing list, should it still be illegal?

    Do you think this concert “OWNED” by a private company will make so much noise if they invited a lesser known band?

  4. Hey guys!
    Some pictures of the event can be seen here:

    And a video of the intro here:

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