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Changes I’d Like To See in the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association)

There has been a lot of things happening in Philippine Basketball, but with a new season starting this October, there are things I, personally, would like to happen.


I am not talking about rule changes. Just some changes a majority of us followers maybe looking for.


1. An updated website! It seems like the PBA’s website is the last to have updates on player trades, rosters and even Basketball news.


This week alone, and posted reports on Coach Guiao being appointed as the National Team’s coach, posted the report a day later.


Player movements are so poorly monitored.


– Just a suggestion, I think every team should have a website. I am not sure if which team has one but they should take care of their own website and have their latest news automatically fed to the PBA’s website. I was happy to know (using Google) that the Alaska Aces have their own website. If you have the links to the other nine (9) team’s websites, please post it in comments.


This month alone (September 2008) Air 21 played here in Singapore twice, I only learned about this when I visited the Singapore Slinger’s website. I was able to catch the second game and through their website, I will also be watching the Purefoods game on the 30th.


They should also try the possibility of updating their website live per quarter. was able to give us an update of the Ateneo – La Salle (or La Salle – Ateneo) game on a quarterly basis as the games happen live.


2. The PBA should make it available for their games to be viewed over the internet for FREE.


This will be beneficial for people living outside the country so that we can still follow the league. We all know this is available through but imagine paying for Channel 2 and GMA 7’s service then pay a third bill for PBA games. If we all think about it, PBA will be left out, majority of the house holds overseas only subscribes to TFC.


If we fail to watch PBA games for a year (or more), interest goes down since player movements are so fast these days that the professional league’s team rosters is looking like college basketball.


The link for listening LIVE through audio should also be available in their website’s home page. We have eradioportal but not everyone knows which AM station is broadcasting the PBA games.


3. PBA should have a mailing list, a monthly or even better a weekly update on the league sent on a regular basis could help.


Filipinos love basketball and we are the home of the first professional basketball league in Asia. To bring the games closer to the people, I think its time to look at the Filipino people based overseas as well.


An updated website, a Free Audio and Video live streaming may be the answer to this as it will not only bring the games closer to the people. It will also help the PBA’s followers retain their interest.


I am not sure if this post will be read by the right people. But if you happen to know some of them, just send them a link or a printout. These changes will not only be for me but for all of us working abroad.


I remember inviting a Filipino colleague to watch the Purefoods game here in Singapore on the 30th… her answer: It’s been a while since I last watched the PBA, although Purefoods was my favorite team. The only player I know is James Yap because he is sometimes interviewed with his wife Kris at the Buzz.


Now tell me, how did your interest in the league fade?

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