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Update: Sadly, this place is no longer open for business. (CLOSED)

Filipino restaurants here in Singapore has always catered to the Filipino Masses, just a quick visit in Lucky Plaza, Tanjong Pagar and even Lau Pa Sat and you’ll realize that we need one restaurant here in Singapore where we can invite our colleagues and friends to try our local Filipino cuisine.

Yes there is 7,107 Flavours in Marina Square but since it has been enjoying a monopoly for so long, having a good corporate dinner on a weekend is almost impossible.

Don’t get me wrong, I love 7,107 Flavours, service is great. Location is awesome! And they have a live acoustic band to serenade you as you while you enjoy your meal!

In almost everything, healthy competition is important, here is where Bonifacio comes in. Bonifacio is a Filipino Restaurant in Chinatown is along Kreta Ayer Rd.

Here’s a Map just incase you’re visiting the place for the first time.

Nearest MRT is actually Outram Park!

Visiting this restaurant for the first time and you’ll definitely compare it with 7,107 Flavours, ambiance for both restaurants are great, both seem to have enough space and as always, friendly Filipino Staff!

The main difference I have to say is the live acoustic band of 7,107 Flavours, for those times when I just want a normal dinner. I think this is where Bonifacio comes in.

Here are some things I have to say about Bonifacio as per my category’s guidelines.

Food that is readily prepared is available: No

Day Visited for the first time: Saturday

Time/Meal: Lunch

Day Visited for the second time: n/a (as of posting date, but I plan to visit on a Friday)

Time/Meal: (I plan to visit again for dinner! I will update this post if the experience is BAD!)

Good for Corporate Lunch/Dinners: Yes


Be sure to get a reservation! I have talked to some of the waiters and according to them, dinners during weekends is a very busy time for them… hmmm, tempting to visit on that time.

Good to eat with Foreign Friends: Yes


Recommended for people who will try Philippine Cuisine for the first time: Yes


Definitely! I have even met some walk in customers trying to eat Filipino food for the first time.


One more thing I love with Bonifacio is that they have a real website! Through their website, you will be able to see their menu which is very helpful in planning for your itinerary.


They even have a mailing list and membership (I just hope they give atleast 10% discount to their members). All the information you need to know can be found here:

As I have said earlier, competition is good and I believe the target market of 7,107 Flavours will be very happy knowing that there is a new restaurant in this City which serves Filipino Food.

Bonifacio… The Modern Filipino Cuisine

Just like in the Philippines… Gerry’s will never be the same without Dencio’s!!!

I just hope more and more Filipino restaurants open here in Singapore. Competition is very healthy! I think I can start day dreaming of seeing a decent Filipino Restaurant in Vivo City or East Coast Park someday.

Bonifacio is located at #35 Kreta Ayer Road

Telephone No.: (+65) 6222 6676

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  1. its a bit pricey though. and not as good as…well, the authentic pinoy places in Greenbelt like Recipes or Centro.

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  4. […] sure most of us have brought friends to 7107 and Bonifacio, to try and experience Philippine Cuisine. Gerry’s Grill is a restaurant chain where we […]

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