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It has been more than a year since I started this hobby, being a communications major, we had photography as a subject. It was really really fun! But photography in the mid-90’s was different since it was very expensive! You spend on Film, Developing and Printing! I can even remember having un-developed film at home.

Last year, I was just looking for a regular camera to use while I am here at Singapore. I really wanted to buy a high end Point and Shoot like the Canon S5is but the price was too near the Nikon D40 Kit making me purchase the latter.

I have always known how to use an SLR but to my surprise that a dSLR has so many buttons and so many settings that you can change. I have always played with the Aperture and Shutter Speed way back my Film days but ISO, Metering and Auto Focus was totally new! Yes, my Pentax P50 SLR did not have auto focus! But it had a built in light meter! And way back those days, my camera will set automatically to my Film’s ISO!

Having used the Nikon D40 for more than a year really brought me back to my college days where I really enjoyed a specific subject!

Now, this is something I do to keep myself busy during my free weekends. If there are any corporate activities, I also tag my camera along just to take quick snap shots.

I originally wanted to take Pictures of Singapore Landscape! But when I ran out of places to shoot, I have tried shooting portraits! These are two very different subjects and you will really notice the difference with the lens used. From a wide angle lens, Sigma 10-20mm, to my Nikkon 55-200mm!

Taking pictures of people is very different from taking pictures of place. The human face is much more complex!

I have upgraded my camera to the D90 and slowly purchasing accessories to have all that I need.

You can access my flickr account to view some of the pictures I have taken. Here’s a quick link to my landscapes, portraits, and everything else.

Photography is a fun hobby which I intend to keep!


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