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My New Nikon MB D80

Finally, I was able to purchase a MB D80 battery grip for my Nikon D90!

I know a battery grip is not that important but it really helps give you a more comfortable grip of your cam and a better shooting position when shooting portraits.

This is the initial reason why I sold my older Nikon D40, I can’t seem to find a battery grip for it here in Singapore. There is this 3rd Party brand Ownuser that made battery grips for the D40 but I can’t seem to find a store selling it (as you know, I don’t like purchasing stuff from Sim Lim).

So back to my MB D80, I was so pleased playing with it, it gave me a feel that I had a new camera again. Without batteries, it did not add much weight to my gear but adding the 2 batteries inside and you’ll feel the extra weight.

It came with all the buttons I needed although I was hoping Nikon considered adding a function button too.

Here are some pictures of my new battery grip!

Please note that photos were taken using my mobile phone.


Comments on: "My New Nikon MB D80" (4)

  1. Are you happy with the grip? I am planing to buy the Nikon D90 and the MDD90 grip.

  2. yes, I am very happy with it. it gives your hand a better feel of the camera.

  3. […] I have written some stuff about my gear, like my Olympus FE3000, my Nikon 28 – 80 and my MBD80 its all due to my excitement if finally owning […]

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