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I have written a couple of articles about various gadgets in this blog but I have never written anything about my “primary phone”. Yes, to people who have two or more phones in the bag, there is always 1 phone which does all the heavy lifting.

In my case, I use the Asus P525. Not one of the prettiest devices if you see it. I even use it with a leather case which makes it even bulkier.

This phone has been with me for the longest time; it has been with me for more than 2 years and for a time, I have built a small accessory list around it.

This includes a Bluetooth Headset,

a Stereo Bluetooth Headset

and a Bluetooth Keyboard.

The Bluetooth Keyboard was one of the hardest things to find, I once used an IR Keyboard but it’s not as reliable as the Bluetooth version.

Now back to the Asus P525. Once upon a time, this was the most reliable Windows Mobile Device available in the market! While other devices froze or had screen alignment problems, the Asus P525 just kept working. One Major complain about this device is the positioning of the joystick. Some people got used to it but there will always be people like me with fat fingers who can’t seem to get the hang of using its phone pad.

The Asus P525 was also the first Windows Mobile Device with a usable camera that has Auto Focus! When this phone went out, everyone was surprised with the photos its camera can produce. Today, no one will be happy with its 1.3 mega pixel camera, but for small chores, it is more than enough for me.

Here are the most useful apps installed on my phone (not including games):

Don’t Sleep Wifi – This prevents the phone from “sleeping” when using wifi or Bluetooth

Lextionary – Dictionary

Novi Remote – Universal IR Remote

Peek Pocket – Scans available wifi hotspots

Pocket CM Image Viewer

Pocket CM Keyboard – On-screen virtual keyboard

SyncMate – Enables me to Sync my phone with my Mac. It also allows me to organize songs using iTunes

TCPMP – AVI player

Although the Asus P525 is in no way able to compete with the new Windows Mobile devices coming out, I will have to say that this might be the last Windows Mobile Device for me, not unless a manufacturer finally decides to release a Windows Mobile device with a capacitive touch screen.

Reliability wise, it has got to be the best phone I have ever used. It never fails! Definitely one of the best gadget purchases I have made!

For the Asus P525’s specifications, please click here.

Here are additional pictures of my Asus P525.

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  7. Just popping in to let you know you have a brand new
    fan! Reading one post on your blog made me obsessed straight away.
    Really, you are awesome!

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