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Olympus FE 3000

Finally, I own a Point and Shoot camera! The Olympus FE 3000.

Actually, I was not planning to get a camera, but when my wife’s Olympus Stylus 770 got spoilt and after a series of events. I suddenly ended having this cam.

First, let’s start with the death of my wife’s Olympus Stylus 770. It’s supposed to be a shock proof and water proof camera so it was actually a big surprise for me when it just suddenly stopped working, yes it won’t turn on!

After checking with the Olympus service center, they gave me an estimate of repair costs ranging from SGD 163.00, if the lens is spoilt, to SGD 250.00 if the main circuit board got wet. Yes, you read the right thing, THE MAIN CIRCUIT BOARD GETTING WET from a water proof camera!

Actually, according to the Olympus staff, this is actually a normal reason why their cameras die, the internals get wet. They told me that the water seals of their cameras will surely work in 1 year, after that they don’t recommend you to go diving with their cameras. They also told me that it is recommended that I purchase an “underwater case” for their water proof cameras if I am really serious in getting their cameras wet!

They also told me of a possibility that MAYBE, water came in from the battery/memory card cover or USB cable cover which is a normal problem for them.

This information was really very difficult to digest for me. Imagine purchasing a camera which they advertise will work under water if their conditions are met. I understand that nothing is perfect but to the public who wishes to get a water proof camera, will be surprised too if they find out about all these Ifs and Buts by Olympus. Olympus should explain this in their advertisements/websites or maybe they should have a “watch me first” before using your camera DVD included in every purchase.

Now, enough of the complaining regarding the Stylus 770 and back to the FE 3000. I traded in my wife’s Stylus 770 and got the FE 3000 by adding SGD 202.00. I know the deal is not that good but I just want to get rid of the Stylus 770 and I really don’t want to just throw it away.

I got the black FE 3000 which seems to look better than the silver, I can’t seem to find the light blue color here in Singapore. The FE 3000 is lighter but I must say that it could have been better if they included a dedicated button to switch from still to video camera.

It has 10 mega pixels and all the other stuff you should expect from a point and shoot camera.

Honestly, I am really happy to finally own a Point and Shoot camera. It’s a lot portable compared to my Nikon D90 and since I am not expecting much from the quality of pictures this tiny camera can make. I’ll just be happy owning one by looking at all its positives. My D90 will definitely make up for all the negatives of my new FE 3000.

Here are some additional pictures from our old Stylus 770 and our new FE 3000.


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