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Photography… The Industry!

As I have posted in this blog, photography is one of my hobbies that keeps me busy during weekends.

Yes, as of now, just a hobby. I have a day job which brings food on the table, something my passion cannot give me… as of today.

Just like any hobbyist, I hope to be a full time photographer someday. Take photos for a couple, a family and maybe a private event.

As dSLR’s are getting cheaper, photo editing softwares are also available online for free (GIMP, PICASA, etc.) more and more people are beginning to take photography as a hobby.

Online forums are also available for people to meet friends who share the same passion. Online storage space for photos and portfolios are also available for free.

I cannot see any problem with the growing number of people walking around carrying a big dSLR and a couple of lenses. As they say, the more the merrier!

The only problem I have with the emergence of numerous photography hobbyists is that they’re actually killing the industry!

Now, anyone can post on an online forum looking for a cheap (or even free) photographer to cover an event!

I have nothing against this as I also (sometimes) accept projects for free BUT only if I know the organizer personally.

Commercial shoots are another story!

If a person you meet for the first time is asking for you to shoot his (or her) event, shouldn’t there be a minimum respectable amount for your services? I know we all want to pile up photos for our portfolio but we (hobbyists) must also think of those photographers who do this for a living. If we start accepting jobs at a low (sometimes free) price, what will happen to professional photographers who we compete against!

We all day dream to be pros someday but I cannot imagine competing in the future with someone who is giving his services (and gear) away for free.

To all hobbyists like me… please, accept a job for free only if the organizer is an acquaintance. For commercial projects… a minimum respectable amount is necessary.

Presently, we don’t need to earn from our photography, but think of the people who does…
If you have any comments… please feel free to post them.


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