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Levi’s 501 Jeans

The year was 1992, I was lucky enough to have a pair of my very first Levi’s 501 jeans. I was on 6th grade.

It was actually a funny story, Levi’s came out with TV ads of a guy saying that he haven’t zipped his fly in 3 years… no zip!

I was actually the last guy in class to understand the ad… he was wearing button fly jeans.

Anyway, fast forward to the present (2009) and thanks to Levi’s promotion which will give a SGD 50.00 discount for your old pair of jeans. I have just bought another pair of 501’s.

Ok, so in reality I really did not need that SGD 50.00 discount. But I have always had this connection with my jeans making it hard for me to throw them away.

The pair I gave (for trade in) spent almost 8 years in service, yes, I bought it last 2001! And even if I know that it was starting to fall apart, I still cannot imagine seeing it in my rubbish bin!

What makes this deal so good is that in my mind, there’s still a connection between my 8 year old jeans and the new one. I also know that Levi’s will be giving my old jeans away to the Salvation Army.

Hmmm, SGD 50.00 for your old jeans if you buy a Levi’s jeans which costs more than SGD 100.00…

It may not be a good deal to most people but for people like me who sees a lot of sentimental reasons on why I cannot let go of my jeans. This deal is great!

I sure hope they do it again in the future… maybe next year! Yes, to the people working for Levi’s Singapore… This message is for you.

I can see a million reasons why this deal should go on every Christmas but if they decide not to do it again… I will still be buying my next pair of 501’s next year.


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