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Wendy’s Singapore!

Wendy’s Burgers is now open (or as per checking with other locals, has re-opened) here in Singapore.

First branch is located at Lau Pa Sat.

I was honestly excited to visit Wendy’s since I am a big fan of their Baked Potatoes, Burgers with Square Patties and Frosty!

After visiting Wendy’s for the first time yesterday, I immediately noticed that they did not have the word “Hamburgers” in their streamer. But the same “lady” in their logo gave me the confidence that this is the same Wendy’s Fast Food chain in the US which we enjoyed in Manila.

After queuing at the counter, I immediately realized that although this Wendy’s is the same Fast Food, their menu is VERY DIFFERENT!

Comparing it with the Wendy’s (Manila) menu, I have immediately noticed the following:

1. No Bacon for Wendy’s Singapore, meaning, no Bacon Mushroom Melt!
2. No Bacon also means no Bacon Bits for their Baked Potatoes.
3. No Salad Bar.
4. No Sugar-Free ice lemon tea.

I also did not notice their Frosty, I’m sure to have seen a poster in the wall but I’m honestly not sure if it was a Frosty or a Sundae.

I loved the fact that the Shrimp Sandwich is part of their regular menu and that they use Heinz as their Ketchup (yes KFC and Pizza Hut Singapore, you need to change your Ketchup brand).

Burger choices here in Singapore is simple, they only have a Quarter Pounder, Half Pounder and 3/4 Pounder (they also stated that weight is before cooking… so if your patty has a ton of fats… good luck!).

Usual chicken sandwich, nuggets and wings are also available together with the usual Wendy’s salads.

Having Wendy’s here in Singapore is great as they give us another Burger Fast Food option. I sure hope additional branches open up soon.

Although I always believed that Bacon should be part of their menu, having a “limited” Wendy’s is way better than no Wendy’s at all.

*sorry for the quality of photos, they were all taken using my Mobile Phone*


Comments on: "Wendy’s Singapore!" (2)

  1. hey, you have contact number of wendy’s in singapore? thanks 😀

  2. Sorry, I am not connected with Wendy’s Singapore.

    I tried searching for their contact details using Google but all I found was their Facebook page.

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