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It’s that time again in everyone’s lives when we run out of space for our data.

Having 2 external hard disks at home, a 250GB (Seagate FreeAgent Go) and 120GB (Samsung), I always thought I will have enough space for the next five years!

But my projection was wrong by half!

Now, I am presently checking the market for an external hard disk with at least 1.5TB of space.

With my horror stories on using a Maxtor and Western Digital 5 years ago, I have always been a Seagate fanboy.

My brother’s 486DX66 PC at home uses a 400(++)MB Seagate hard disk and it still works! It has been around since 1994.

However, as we all know that Maxtor is now operated by Seagate, Western Digital seems to have made a big leap when it comes to quality.

I am presently stuck with the biggest dilemma on which brand of external hard disk to use.

To help me decide, I’ve started a thread in Clubsnap and Philmug to see which brand is more popular.

Seems like Western Digital has won the hearts of Filipino Mac users and Photographers in Singapore

Due to the large disparity in price, I find Seagate’s Expansion to be very appealing.

As of now, my decision is still not final but once I finally make a purchase it will be posted here!

Comments on: "Choosing the right external Hard Disk" (4)

  1. As a seonc generation foreign born filipino meztiso who archives many TIVO (PVR) programs, i’d just like to chime in with an opinion. My house currently has several external hard drives from 500gb to 1.5tb, with hard drives manufactured by Hitachi, Samsung, Western Digital and Seagate. The only hard drive we’ve had fail was a Seagate in an A-Byte enclosure (after it fell of the desk onto a hardwood floor), we’ve also had 2 Generic Best Buy branded hard drive enclosures fail (but not the hard drive). All hard drives seem pretty well made now, if there is a failure point it’s the enclosure. Try to keep away from any enclosure that has the multipin (Looks like a PS/2 or S-Video) power connector attached to a brick. These seem to have the highest failures. The Seagate/Western Digital enclosures seem to dissapate head fairly well. (I try to leave some space between hard drives to let them “air”)

  2. typographical error seonc = second. Sorry.

  3. thanks for your comment.

    As I said, I’m leaning towards Seagate’s Expansion since its the cheapest 1.5TB hard disk I can find here in Singapore.

    Times like these, price of a gadget is a big deciding factor 🙂

  4. […] 8, 2010 · Leave a Comment After carefully choosing my options on my next external hard disk, I have decided to get the Seagate […]

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