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Shawarma in SG!

I would first like to clarify some things before you start reading this post.

Shawarma although not a Filipino food became a fad a couple of years back in Manila. Almost every corner has a Shawarma stall selling either Beef or Chicken Shawarma.

After the 90’s this fad started to fade and only those bigger establishments in Manila survived. Nowadays, a good Shawarma is still available. It is no longer as cheap as the 90’s but as the world has always been survival of the fittest. One will not argue that the better half of Sharwarma restaurants/stalls survived.

Having been here in Singapore for quite sometime, there are some times when I can just help but crave for a Shawarma. It was never easy to find it at first but when I was finally able to find it. The rest was history!

First things first, here in Singapore, they call it Kebab, from Wikipedia, you will notice that they are two (2) different dishes but I believe that part is no longer important. When in Rome do what the Romans do… no matter what it’s called, it’s still the same beef/chicken or lamp wrapped in Pita bread.

You will normally see a Shawarma Oven during Food Fairs in Malls, the only problem with these stalls is consistency and they tend to disappear after the fair. So it’s basically not a long term solution for a craving.

After searching for a permanent solution I have found a couple of establishments selling Kebab…


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