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Wherever you are and who ever you are, you would like to read local news from your hometown.

In my case, it would be great if I can read Philippine News everyday.

There are a couple of sites available for us to access Philippine News, here’s a list of sites I tend to visit regularly.

1. The Philippine Daily Inquirer
2. The Philippine Star
3. The Manila Bulletin
4. GMA News
5. ABS CBN News

All of them are free and available online.

The problem is nowadays, we would like to visit these sites on the go.

Thanks to the iPhone and Android, we have internet access all the time but sometimes, it is difficult to click links and read news on a mobile phone, specially if the page you aer viewing was made to be browsed on your PC’s monitor.

I find it hard to understand why there are no Free iPhone/Android App made by the mentioned Philippine News providers above.

Singapore (for example) has an iPhone App for The Straits Times. Channel News Asia also has a free iPhone App available.

The only available free app for us to browse Philippine News is Sabinila which is more like a compilation of all Philippine News available.

I really hope someone starts an iPhone and Android App soon for Philippine News.

I believe this will be a big benefit not only for Filipinos abroad but for those who are at home and reads news on the go.


Comments on: "Free iPhone App for Philippine News" (1)

  1. finally, there’s some developments happening…

    Developing an Android App for Manila Bulletin

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