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I love C2 Green Tea, specially the Lemon flavor. Yes, I prefer Lemon compared to Apple… or any other flavor available.

I even love flying Cebu Pacific because C2 Green Tea is available in their in-flight catalogue… just joking, it’s the flight schedule I’m after but I’ll reserve this for a totally different post.

Back to C2 Green Tea, I love C2 specifically because of its taste. I drink it regularly when I was in Manila and love it even more now since I only get it while I’m on vacation.

Having been staying here in Singapore for quite sometime, I have searched and found Filipino Stores and Restaurants.

Last weekend was different; I even call it special since I have found a small convenience store selling C2 Lemon and Apple in 1.5 liter bottles!

C2 Green Tea (Apple and Lemon) is presently available in ABC Bargain Stores!

Isn’t that good news to C2 fanboys like me!

Sometimes the people in-charge doesn’t have stocks out but just ask them about it if you’re interested.


Comments on: "C2 Green Tea in Singapore" (6)

  1. Just an update, store’s complete name is ABC Bargain Center PTE. LTD.

  2. hi, where is this located? i was also looking for C2 for a very long time… i found some stores selling small bottles for an unreasonable price. Please advise.

  3. just look for ABC Bargain Centers, they have a store near at Peninsula in front of St. Andrew Cathedral.

    ask their staff for C2 (but please note that its not always available)

  4. C2 (apple and lemon) is presently available in ABC Bargain Centre, 253 Serangoon Central Drive #01-233 (550253) in front of McDonalds’s

  5. Map: (how to go to ABC Bargain Centre)

  6. […] I have an entry about ABC Bargain Center earlier as they sold C2 Green Tea. […]

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