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Siloso Beach Resort

This post is long overdue, but its always better late than never.

Here’s something that surprised me…

We wanted to have a day out of the house and with hotel rates in Sentosa (Singapore) going north, we had to be creative.

After checking for prices for an overnight stay, we decided to book at Siloso Beach Resort, it was a more economical option compared to the new hotels near Universal Studios and its just in front of it is Sentosa’s Siloso Beach…

This hotel looks and feels old, even the towels have this “please replace me” feel.

But other than the hotel’s age and poor towels, this hotel is… hmmm… good!

As we were looking for an economical hotel, we had to book an economical room with 2 separate beds, here’s a photo of what our room looked like.

It will be very hard to fit 2 adults in 1 bed but the extra chair is relaxing.

Toilets has a bath tub and has basically all the basic things you’ll need…

It was also a pleasant surprise for me to realize that the room’s fridge was empty! (believe me, I find this very convenient!!!)

Outside our small room, you’ll love this hotel as it is very relaxing!

Here’s a view of their pool

And here’s a quick view of the place…

It even has a small gym just incase the sun is too hot for running along the beach…

For more photos, please click here…

I was just honestly not happy with the buffet breakfast, maybe we booked on a lean season and maybe this place will be different during peak months but for its price… our stay was worth it.

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