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Now here’s a sad story…

We met my wife’s friend and the first thing he told us is that there’s a Filipino stall at Kopitiam at Velocity called Cebu Lechon!

Everyone from the Philippines knows that Cebu Lechon has a distinct taste and crisp so we were excited to visit the stall and try their Lechon…



The next thing that’s disappointing is that they NO LONGER SELL HOUSE OF SILVANAS PRODUCTS.

I just called the House of Silvanas distributor here in Singapore so by the time you click this link the page may have been updated…

For the positives, since this is in Kopitiam, seating is ample and the service is fast.

They have a good menu but I honestly doubt if all items are readily available… For our visit, we tried Sisig, Lechon Kawali and Binagoongan…

All were ok but you must note that Pork Head was not used for the Sisig.

Here’s a photo of their Lechon Kawali.

I will however praise them for the amount of rice they give for every order!

This is definitely a Filipino food stall that understands Filipinos well…

Fiesta Lechon is a great addition to the stalls/restaurants serving Filipino food here in Singapore.

Food is ok, if you’re in Velocity/Novena Square, then it’s definitely worth to give them a visit.

Comments on: "Filipino Food at Velocity (Novena): Fiesta Lechon (Cebu Lechon Philippines)" (9)

  1. There’s a new Ihaw stall in Bagus Food Court, Changi City Point (next to expo mrt) that serves really good Inasal, BBQ Chicken, Tuna Panga, Head, Steak, Buntot, Pusit, etc.

    Each set comes with a choice of any flavored rice such as Spicy Bagoong, Java or Garlic. Their side dishes are good combination such as ensalada and atchara.

    It’s a must try!!!

  2. Just had our dinner at this filipino restaurant, (Fiesta lechon at velocity, novena) we ordered pork sinigang and barbeque, me and my friend are so hungry, knowing it is a sumptous dinner, but to our big dismay, we tasted the pork in sinigang as old meat, seems spoiled already, since we just tasted one piece we ignore , knowingly a few more pieces has to be eaten, but much to our dismay all the pieces are the same, we brought the plate with the meat at the counter and informed the cashier and left. When we realized that we have should have at least something in return, we go back to the stall, but the cashier is quite arrogant saying we are the only customer who complained for the whole day. And i was speaking in tagalog, and yet she speaks in english, what a heck. In short we just spent a few dollars for nothing. Hope this matter will pass to the proper management and do the necessary action for this.

  3. I disagree nmm…I ate there twice already I also ordered sinigang and adobo and its quite good. And my second time was today I had bulalo and lechon kawali, the bulalo is so good it reminds me of bulalo in tagaytay. I suggest you try it guys.

  4. Check this out!

    Philippine Section at FairPrice Nex (Serangoon)

  5. I had eaten on the same place a year ago and quite dissatisfied with the woman service.Lucky she is not there anymore. She ordered once the pork with shrimp paste what I found out is it has the steel wool on it for diswashing & there was once when I ordered sisig and it has plastic burned together with it that is quite visible.I told the woman and she was so arrogant and even told me that I will not die because of it.The point is the cleanliness and hygiene shouldn’t be compromise.

  6. if you want sans rival in singapore you can get it from cakes n cravings bakeshop. it’s guaranteed to satisfy your sans rival cravings.

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