something to keep you busy!

Crocs Tideline

Been very busy these past few months…

Really unbelievable!

This post has been sleeping for so long in my drafts forlder.

I am lucky enough to buy a Blue Crocs Tideline which was on sale!

This is actually my first pair of Crocs. I was never fond of Sandals and Flip Flops, the only ones I have are from Havaianas, Oakley and Birkenstock.

Havaianas for vacations at the beach and for those quick runs to the market, Oakley for short trips to the mall and my Birkenstock Boston for the office.

But when I saw that Crocs sells shoes, I started visiting their shops.

I was only this year that I actually bought something from them that I use on a regular basis…

Crocs’ Tideline comes in various colors (it even has a leather version) but the blue caught my attention.

It looked great, clean and small (it doesn’t look big on your feet like other Crocs Sandals).

White part of the shoe is made of rubber and the blue part is canvass.

The only issue I have is that for long walks (with hot and humid days), my small toe constantly rubs to the rubber and it tends to hurt.

A pair of socks is a good solution but not all people will agree.

In my own opinion, this was a great buy for me since it was on sale, if this was sold at its regular price… Then this post would have never existed.

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