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Check out this photo!

I was accompanying my wife while she was buying the regular stuff in a small grocery store in Serangoon and I noticed that this store sold Mang Tomas, UFC Banana Ketchup and Andok’s Litson Sauce!

Prices were also better compared to those shops you find in Lucky Plaza!

They also sell Datu Puti Vinegar (regular and spiced versions).

So just incase you’re in Serangoon, just drop by this store and using my photo as a guide, you’ll know which shelf to look at…

Store is near the old Serangoon bus terminal at the back of Marine Parade Town Council (Serangoon).

Comments on: "local grocery finds… Serangoon (near Marine Parade Town Council)" (2)

  1. Let me add that Mustafa also sells reasonable price Padas (fermented tiny fishes from Pangasinan/ Ilocos). Eventually this Padas will become the so called “Bagoong na Isda”. Ilocanos and Pangalatoks love to mix this with their cooking or just eat plain with kalamansi.

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