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Before owning my first ever Apple product, I only knew Steve Jobs as the CEO who earns USD 1.00 per year and as the guy who started Apple through “Pirates of Silicon Valley“.

Then by 2006 my wife received a Second Gen iPod Nano

I’ve always believed that the iPod were overpriced MP3 players, although they were easy to use, iTunes was such a pain and I was not able to manage my music using our office PC since we did not have it installed.

To even show my wife that the iPod was such a waste of money, I bought a cheap Chinese iPod Nano clone which I used in my car’s audio. (I was using my Asus P525 and Motorola BT Headset as my primary MP3 player.

After 6 months of using the iPod Nano and comparing it to its Chinese Clone, I suddenly realized which of the two was the true waste of money…

My Fifth Gen iPod Classic was my first own Apple product. I received it as a birthday gift from my wife and it still works up to this time. Although both iPods were such scratch magnets, they never failed and were always performing what I expected from them… keep me entertained during long travels.

My first experience with OSX was when I bought my white Macbook last 2007. I was new with OSX and I still do not know why I chose it over Sony’s Vaio (my wife made all the convincing).

As I had very little knowledge on what the OSX can and cannot do, I started playing with Safari first and browsed the Apple Website, there I found details about their products, the funny Apple Ads which featured Justin Long and Steve Jobs’ Keynote.

Steve Jobs way of presenting amazed me, he was so relaxed and he always explained why the “Apple Way” was always better than what we’re used to doing, a good example of this is the multi-touch trackpad and just resently, the “natural” way of scrolling.

Although I always question the products they release, Apple always had a way to look at the bigger picture and plan ahead of their competitors, I do not know if Apple was making decisions as a team or is it all Steve Jobs. The only thing that I am sure of is that Steve Jobs will never release a product that does not work!

This made me confident of spending a little extra for a product that works.

No need to worry about support, firmware upgrades and hardware issues. Apple products works as advertised… that’s all I need to know.

Maybe my trust in the company grew after watching Steve Jobs present their products confidently. He was always relaxed and proud of their new products.

Now that Steve Jobs is gone, will I stop using Apple products? Only time will tell.

I buy what I need and it’s based on use and reliability, if a company can offer the same thing with the right price, then maybe I can see myself jumping to another brand in the future.

But as of now, I am confident that Jobs has approved at least 2 more generations of their current product line.

I keep on telling people that I am not an Apple Fanboy, I am just one of those guys who owns an iPod, an iMac, a Macbook and an iPhone, it all just happened because during my time of purchase, they were the best products available.

Now that Steve Jobs is gone, I keep wondering what he could have done if he stayed a little bit longer, life is short and for people like Jobs, it even felt shorter.

I guess all things come to an end and this time, I will have to use a different Halloween costume since I cannot use my black turtle neck and jeans anymore.

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