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Johor Premium Outlets

Made our first visit to Johor Premium Outlets (or JPO as the local’s call it) last Saturday (01 September 2012).

First thing you have to know is that its actually far from Johor Bahru… Its actually in Indahpura.

Click here to view from Google Maps

As per Google Maps… 26mins by car!

Blue Taxi going back to Johor Bahru will cost around MYR 85.00!

Had our coffee and lunch at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf…

Was really surprised when I was told by the staff that THEY DO NOT SERVE WATER! Don’t get me wrong… We all ordered drinks… We just needed the water for our medicines… No idea if this policy is for this specific branch or if its their company policy for branches in Malaysia.

JPO has vendo machines near the rest rooms which sold drinks for MYR 2.00 each… They also have drinking fountains…

Click here for a list of shops… (photo was taken 01 September 2012)

Photo’s “Polaroid” effect was made using Poladroid!

To view my entire album, click here! (no Polaroid effect)

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