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I am NOT connected with JT Lakbay (Car Rental) Services (Phone No. +632-4549000)… Just a happy customer!

One of the toughest things in Metro Manila is trying to reach point A to B without your own car…

I grew up in Metro Manila and I still find commuting to be very inconvenient.

Taxis are there but you should always bring small change as the drivers always expect a tip! A simple rule when paying for your taxi fare is just to add PhP 20.00 to whatever amount the meter says.

It’s also difficult (almost impossible) and costly if you ask a Taxi to bring you outside Metro Manila.

Most common Taxis are the Avanza, Vios and the Accent, from the list you’ll notice that they’re very small cars! To save fuel, drivers normally adjust the car’s idling to around 500-750rpm making the car shake like crazy during traffic jams and they also adjust the car’s climate control to the hotter side!

Buses, Trains (MRT & LRT), Jeepney and Tricycles are there but believe me… It’s not as convenient and simple as you think…

Buses need to be paid in cash, Trains does not have a unified ticketing system (as of May 2013) and you have to forget about the Jeepney and Tricycle option!

Since I am already based abroad, I normally borrow a car from relatives during my vacations.

Basically I get the more than 10 year old spare car used once a week thanks to Metro Manila’s Uniform Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (more popularly know as color/number coding).

The hard part is when I’m in Manila for business trips where a good car is a requirement for bosses and colleagues.

Here is where a reliable car rental service becomes handy.

Found JT Lakbay (Car Rental) Services (Phone No. +632-4549000) online and I was very happy with their vehicles and drivers!

I am NOT connected with JT Lakbay Services… Just a happy customer… Believe me… When in Manila, you need a reliable car and a dependable driver… (Send me a message if you need their e-mail add)


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  1. November 2015! I’ve contacted Lakbay again for Car Rental (with Driver) services.

    Car’s are still clean and drivers are polite and presentable.

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