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If you’re reading my blog, I’m sure you know what ebay is…

It may not be for everyone, but here in Singapore, I only sell my “unwanted stuff’ in ebay and craigslist.

Now… What is ebay missing???

It needs an option to give us sellers the option to choose who to sell our items to…

If I remember correctly, you can sell an item through Auction or with a Fixed Price…

I normally sell my items with a fixed price and while my item is live, I receive numerous inquiries regarding the item… From additional photos, physical status and even alternate meet points…

Then something happens…

Someone will just click “buy now” and never reply to messages!

Here’s my theory!

There are “online shops” trying to sell used items on ebay… And maybe people like me who sell items below market value hurt their business.

Sorry but I just got really annoyed as someone closed my ad so that (maybe) they can keep prices of certain items high…

I know you’ll suggest that I give them a negative feedback, but he/she has almost a hundred positive feedbacks and I don’t think a negative 1 will hurt…

Time to repost my item again and hopefully I’ll find a way to remove the “buy now” option.

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