something to keep you busy!

As I posted earlier…

I just bought a Samsung NX300.

Awesome camera with a lot of freebies.

Upon opening the box, I found 2 CDs inside.

The FREE Adobe Lightroom and the user manual!

I basically know how to operate a camera… but the user manual is handy to see what other features are available and how to access them.

While I was opening the DVD (using my iMac), I noticed that the User Manual was just in PDF!

Why is there a need to save a PDF file on a DVD?

What if was using a newer Apple device or a Netbook without a DVD drive?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if user manuals were available as a free ebook download from iBooks and the Play Store?

So upon extracting the PDF file I needed, I renamed the file and uploaded it to my Play Books… Obviously, its not perfect… but it works!

Olympus E-M10 Manual

Here’s another manual…

Samsung NX300 Manual


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