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Visited Manila over the weekend…

Technically, it’s my first time flying out (via NAIA Terminal 3) of Manila without my wife and we just can’t find the following information online…

Travel Tax

Travel Tax for Singapore Permanent Resident – just needed to pay PhP 200.00 Travel Tax for Singapore Student Pass – (minor, below 12 years old) PhP 1,010.00. My daughter is 14 years old so I had to pay the full rate of PhP 1,620.00 OFW Dependent – PhP 300.00 (we normally just pay this if my wife is travelling with us)

Philippine Travel Tax Rates

Airport Terminal Fee

Booked my flights on-line which required me to pay PhP 550.00 for terminal fee. My original booking did not include my daughter, arranging her flights online will require an additional SGD 100.00 for unaccompanied minor fees. We called Cebu Pacific‘s call center, and all arrangements for my daughter (including payment) was made through phone.

Before paying the terminal fee, a security personnel will be checking your boarding pass, and they’ve informed me that my daughter does not need to pay for terminal fees as it was included in her ticket.

Airport (free) Wi-Fi

Yes, provided by Globe… While waiting for our flights, we decided to stay at Bo’s Coffee (near gate 112) as they also offered free Wi-Fi, just in case the one offered by Globe is not working.

Philippine Airport free WiFi

If you need to drink water… Bottled water is actually cheaper at Bo’s Coffee (compared to the other shops inside).

Bo’s was selling distilled water at PhP 25.00 per bottle. Other shops were selling mineral water for PhP 30.00 per bottle.

Just a tip, if you entered the airport with an empty water bottle, you can have it refilled near gate 111.

NAIA Terminal 3 water

Pasalubong (Souvenirs)

Be extra careful when buying treats from the airport, check the “best before” (expiry date) sticker before purchasing. Some of them are made of milk and may not last a week.


Once you gate is open (for boarding), some guys tend to stand up even if their row numbers are not yet called… Some guys even automatically queue… If your row number is called, inform the airline staff and they’ll allow you to board.


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