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Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan

Stayed at Ibis Tokyo Shinjuku Hotel during our Japan trip and the experience was very pleasant!

Exact address and contact details:
7-10-5 Nishi-Shinjuku,
160-0023 Tokyo, Japan
Tel. +81333611111
Fax. +81333694216

Getting there…

If you check out Google Maps, Ibis Hotel is very near the Shinjuku Station. However, Shinjuku has 2 stations that are not connected.

If you’re coming from Narita airport, you’ll exit the station on the right.


Then you’ll have to walk to Ibis hotel.

Since my daughter is 14, we had to take a tripple sharing room. Sadly, it came with 3 beds! (we were hoping for a queen+super single set-up).

Ibis Hotel Tokyo Japan roo

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan room

The room had the usual working table, TV, fridge and closet.

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan wardrobe

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan TV

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan Fridge

A lot of reviews mentioned that the shower area was too small, we find it ok…

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan Washroom

(Shiseido) Shower gel, shampoo and lotion were all provided… Including disposable shavers!

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan toiletries

Ibis Hotel Shinjuku Japan toiletries 2

Internet was amazingly fast!

7-10mbps download speed but upload speed was 40mbps!

Ibis Hotel Wi-Fi

Upload speed was a big plus since I backed up my photos while charging at night.

The hotel had a restaurant (Cafe Rendezvous) in the 2nd floor (Lobby) which we never tried.

Cafe Rendezvous Tokyo

Cafe Rendezvous Shinjuku

On the first floor is McDonald’s…

Click here for a view using Google’s Street View.

There are also convenience stores near the area…

If you’re planning for a vacation in Tokyo, Japan… You have to consider this hotel… It’s clean, staff are friendly and conveniently located at Shinjuku!


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