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Marina Mandarin Singapore

Had an overnight stay at Marina Mandarin last weekend (September 25-26, 2015).

Yes, it’s that odd looking building

Marina Mandarin

The room looked weird and old.

It was a twin bed room, but we didn’t get the usual 2-queen sized bed, instead it was a 2-super single bed set-up (similar SeaCare Hotel and Siloso Beach Resort!)


Marina Mandarin Singapore Twin Bed

Marina Mandarin Twin Room

Then there’s a weird big space near the window…

You also get the usual TV (with sports, local channels, HBO, Cartoon Network etc). Mini fridge with mini bar and safe.

Marina Mandarin Singapore





TV is all mounted, but you can adjust the angle, HDMI is located behind the TV.


Shower + Toiletries is a big let down.

The hotel ONLY provided 1 shower gel, 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 soap, 1 shower cap, 1 sanitary bag and 2 toothbrush! Yes, NO shavers and NO comb!

The main shower area was also unbelieavably small, an average sized person will have bruised elbows after having their shower.

Our room also did not have a bath tub!




Consolation? Towels felt new!

Pool area and gym are located at the 5th floor.




Marina Mandarin Singapore Pool


Marina Mandarin View

Vanda Ballroom shares the same washroom with the Pool area, so if you’re there for a formal party, be ready to see wet kids on the same washroom!

Weekend breakfast was available from 6:30-10am, served at Aquamarine (4th floor). It was sadly “just ok” nothing fancy, if their staff charges you for breakfast, I would suggest that you just walk to the nearest mall (Marina Square) and have your breakfast there.

If it’s your first time to visit, taxi will drop you at the lobby, check-in/out counters are at Level 4.

The hotel also has a direct link to Marina Square.

If you’re inside the mall, the link is between American Tourister and Sperry Top Sider (3rd Floor).

(taken from Marina Square’s directory)

Marina Mandarin interior



Since it’s 2015, I have to mention about the hotel’s WiFi.

According to the operator, I can connect ONLY 3 devices.

Once connected to their network, you will have the option to go free, or premium ($32.10 for 24 hours)


Free connection provided around 4Mbps download and 5Mbps upload.

Speed drops during the night time, as you can see I only got 1.52Mbps download and 4.37Mbps upload.



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