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Bought a new pair of shoes to replace the ones I use for office.

I’ve been using the same office shoes since January 2013 and I guess it’s time for a replacement.

Now, why am I writing about this and never wrote about my Crocs Stretch Sole Loafer (for my commute) nor my Rad Russel leather shoes (for formal parties)?

Bacause this pair has ADIPRENE (by Adidas) which should make it comfortable…

Well, so far so good.

The sole felt like a regular rubber shoe on its first few days… I actually found it too soft.

A week later, the sole has stiffened up a bit. I actually prefer it this way since it feels more stable.

Since the sole is softer than your usual leather shoes, I experienced some squeaking in some surfaces.

Sides of the sole are also bigger that your usual leather shoes which means that it will be difficult to use the pair for formal events.

Rockport with ADIPRENE

I personally find Rockport’s (with ADIPRENE) line a bit pricey. But I also cannot commute using my old leather shoes…

If you walk alot and need something comfortable, this pair is highly recommended. You can always get another pair for your formal parties.

Rockport Adidas

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