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Just came back from a 5 days cruise on-board the Mariner of the Seas from Royal Caribbean.

(Click here for information regarding the ship, thanks to Wikipedia)

It was awesome…

First, a quick look at our room…






Bathroom only had soap and shampoo… Do not forget to bring your own toiletries.




There’s a TV available, but you can only turn it on, adjust the volume and change channels… You can also purchase on demand video.


“Input” button does not work…

Day 02. From Singapore, vessel went to Port Klang.

Since I’m based in Singapore, no sense for me to pay extra just to visit KL.

Still, I decided to leave the vessel to see whats available near the port…



There was nothing!

After leaving the vessel and passing through all those metal detectors, all you’ll see are 2 (or 3) souvenir shops and a convenience store.

There is also a shop that sells alcohol, but we all know you can’t bring them on-board (there are x-ray machines).

If you have a couple of extra Ringgit and did not avail for any of the Royal Caribbean Beverage Packages… You may want to buy sodas/bottled water/juices… If you’re from Singapore, chewing gum is also available.

From Port Klang, next stop was Penang.

Compared to Port Klang, (Day 03) Penang is a better port.


We also did not sign-up for any excursions.

Outside the terminal, we found some rickshaws who offered a ride at 40.00 Ringgit/hour.



We asked them to bring us to those street murals for some photos and later asked them to just leave us where we can have local (Chinese) food.

Here’s a thing about all those Penang murals… Sometimes, there’s a car parked blocking it.



I also tried the “Penang White Coffee” which tastes like instant coffee from Ipoh… (Tried it from 2 different places, a food stall and a cafe… Both tasted the same!)


Also, you may have heard that Penang food is totally different… Well, I tried their Kway Teow… Hard to judge since I’m a regular customer of Hai Kee Teochew Cha kuay Teow!



Next port is (Day 04) Phuket…


Excellent beach! But thanks to our excursion, we were only able to stay there for an hour.

Vessel did not berth since they did not have any jetty for the Mariners, but tender boats left every 10 minutes.


If you ask me, signing up (and paying) for the excursion is nice, I’ll never go to those places on my own…

But I’ll never do it again! The beach and the sand are so nice to miss.

Fruits tastes good and there’s snacks along the beach.


Yes, prices remind you that you’re in a tourist spot, but you’re on vacation!

Next day is (Day 05) Sea Day where we get to enjoy the amenities on-board!

Some things to know when you’re on-board the Ship…

1. Check out the timings of the shows… If there’s only 1 show, it tends to be very crowded. Be there early!


2. Buying Royal Caribbean Beverage Packages on the first day will mean that your paying for it for the entire cruise… So (if you’re paying for the Royal Replenish Package on the first day, that’s USD 22.00 x 5 days…

You only get the free tumbler on the first 2 days… After that, the tumbler will cost USD 7.00.


Here’s the catch, during “Sea Day” they will be selling Royal Caribbean cups and tumblers. 6pcs at USD 20.00! Sad part is that the tumbler cannot hold hot beverages making it almost useless for me.


3. Ice Skating rink normally gets full, queue early.

4. Wall Climbing… There’s are separate queue for those who haven’t signed the “waiver”. Sign it as early as you can!

5. On-board shopping is fun and cheap!
– I bought a watch for my daughter, sadly the watch ran out of battery once we reached home.


Be early if you want to have breakfast at Rhapsody in Blue

Otherwise, there’s always Windjammer and Cafe Promenade.

Chops Grille… They were offering 20% off at Chops Grill on the first 4 nights of the cruise. During Sea Day, 40% off! I can’t guarantee that this is a normal thing, but if you want steak, try Chops Grill!

Our regular dinners was at Sound of Music , service was excellent! food, I can say OK!

4 out of 5 days, they hosted a BBQ at the pool area! Try to get your seat/table early as it tends to get full easily!


Please bring enough clothes!

Day 02 is formal night and its really sad to see people who can’t follow the dress code.


Plan to go to the gym/play sports… Bring proper gym wear and shoes!

There’s almost no baggage allowance limit. Our bags were almost 30kg each!

So please! Enjoy yourself and be at your best! Yes, you are on vacation but that doesn’t mean you’re wearing shorts and slippers all the time!

One last thing… Hats off to the guys who provided excellent service while we were on-board. Roque (housekeeping), Biju and Jayesh (dinner at Sound of Music) and basically the guys from Chops Grille!


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