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Samsung/LG Selfie Stick?

MWC 2016 is finished, LG and Samsung has announced new phones (G5 and S7/Edge), new cameras and accessories…

Now for my biggest question…

Where’s the Selfie Stick?

We ALL own one… And (later) we all bought a remote for our phone’s shutter!

Selfie Stick


CDR King BT Remote

I personally own a generic stick with a BT remote from CDR King!

It would have been awesome if Samsung and LG released official Selfie Sticks for their devices…

OEM’s (and even Apple) has done a lot of upgrades to a phone’s front facing cameras for Selfies… Do they expect us to keep using our stretched arm to take photos?

GoPro has an official “Monopod” for their cameras and Xiaomi has a Selfie Stick available from their website!

Wouldn’t it be nice if Samsung/LG can start looking at designing (and maybe selling) selfie sticks for their phones?

It will be a good start and maybe later they can release an official car/bike mount…


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