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Pokemon Go!


So before I start writing about a game that I have never played… (as of writing, its not yet available in Asia)

My sister grew up as the biggest Pokemon fan…

For 2 straight years, all she wanted was a PokeDex…

(credits to the site owner)

Yes, we bought her 2… They didn’t last very long… And it was very much useless!

While chatting with her… I told her that a Pokemon game would be awesome if you can get your own Pokemon… Train it… Then run to your neighborhood arcade to battle with other Pokemon trainers… Street Fighter style…

Of course my sister who was then very young gave me a very strange stare…

Fast forward to 2016…

Nintendo gives us Pokemon Go!

As I said, since its not yet available in Asia…

All I know about it is what I’ve read and what I’ve seen in YouTube…

You get your Pokemons in a virtual world… Train it… Then you can go battle… Wow!!!

How I wish the game would evolve into something where you can play it… Street Fighter style (with other trainers) and RPG style (when you’re alone)…

Maybe it can also have the “finish him” move (like Mortal Kombat) so that the loosing trainer will have to find another Pokeon to train after loosing a battle.

Would be nice how Nintendo can make all this work with the help of a new console…

Pokemon Go from iTunes US


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