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EB by Everbest


My wife loves her Everbest shoes… She uses a pair for her daily commute…

It’s my first time to buy a pair from them as my “commute shoes” from Crocs will retire soon.

Bought the 2 for SGD 99.00 which is a common sight at Everbest Stores.

First thing I noticed is that these shoes are branded as EB by Everbest…


Individually sold at SGD 69.00-79.00, it doesn’t make sense to just buy 1 pair.


It’s nice to see that the shoes’ have good packaging, I really didn’t expect it for its price point.


The pair I got was comfortable, mainly due to the insole

Should be perfect for my daily commute and long walks.

Since both shoes will be used for long walks… I decided to buy shoes with rubber soles…

Not only will they last longer, they will offer a better grip for uneven surfaces.

Have to use these new pairs for a couple of months before I can give a better verdict.

But so far so good… The soles are comfortable, the shoes are light, and (so far) the shoe laces doesn’t loosen up on its own.

Please click here for more information about Everbest.


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