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Adjust the Clock on your Mitsubishi Adventure’s Car Stereo

This post is NOT about “How to Install a Car Stereo” on your Mitsubishi Adventure.

But, if you just replaced your battery and noticed that the time on your Adventure’s Car Stereo is back to 1200… This post is for you.

One more thing…

I’m talking about the Adventure Car Stereo with a MMAD

Mitsubishi Adventure Car Stereo

And just incase, an Adventure looks like this!

Mitsubishi Adventure

(Also known as the Kuda, Africar Landio, Jolie, Soueast Freeca and Africar Jockey)

Back to adjusting the clock on your Adventure’s Car Stereo…

First thing you have to do is ensure that the car stereo is turned on… Press then button on the upper left side.

Mitsubishi Adventure Stereo Power Button

Once it’s turned on.

Press and hold the DISP button on the left side.

MMAD Mitsubishi Adventure Stereo DISP Button

Once the screen says “AUX 1 ON“, you can let go of the DISP Button and press the volume knob once.

Mitsubishi Adventure Stereo Volume Knob

You can now adjust the “hour”. To adjust the minutes, press the right “seek” button.

Mitsubishi Adventure Stereo Seek Button

You may want to check out the video below…

After adjusting the time, pressing the knob again will also allow you to change other settings in your Stereo, like the BT Password.


2009 Singapore Formula 1 Tickets

Finally! I have received my tickets for this year’s Formula 1 Race here in Singapore.

I have to say that they look better than last year’s tickets!

Panasonic Themed Bus

It was just an ordinary day riding the bus as usual going to my colleague’s house.

When I rode the #16 bus, I noticed something different when the passengers alighted.

The Panasonic Ad outside the bus extends up to the bus’ interior, all seats and poles where themed.

Here are pictures of the seats.

2008 Singapore Motor Show

There’s something about motor shows, it’s like a place where you can see different cars, go inside and feel their interior, get great deals on car accessories and repair and even see models trying to get your attention off the cars.

I was excited to go to the Singapore Motor Show as it will be my first time to attend one outside the Philippines. As I paid for the entrance fee of SGD 8.00 I was expecting a good show as I was expecting a wide range of cars on display.

As I got to the third floor of Suntec City, I was honestly disappointed with the cars on display. First of all, it was more of like a big showroom with various cars on display. Subaru, Honda, Nissan and Isuzu had the biggest spaces. No concept cars and no high end cars.

There were stunt drivers from Subaru but having seen it in Manila did not excite me anymore.

Here are some of the cars you would have seen after spending SGD 8.00

From Subaru, the impreza:

Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza

I was actually surprised to see a 1.5 liter version here and a version with a trunk!


Subaru R1

Subaru R2

Subaru R2

They also had their small cars on display, the R1 and R2 (I honestly cannot see the difference except for some minor face lift)

From Nissan, they launched the GT-R and a face lifted Murano (I’m not sure if it’s a new model but it really just looks like a face  lift).

Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R

Here’s the new Murano

Nissan Murano

Nissan Murano

And some other cars from Nissan


Nissan Teana

Here’s a car from RinSpeed which is a car that can run under water. I honestly think that it would be a lot cooler if it was just an amphibious vehicle that can run on road and ABOVE water.





Honda launched the new City and had a couple of cars on display as well.

Honda City

Honda City

Honda City

Honda City

Fresh from the F1 fever, they had a dummy F1 car on display and right behind in, on a very sad corner was The S2000.



Honda S2000

Honda S2000

Isuzu required a big space since they displayed trucks and a bus, this bus runs on CNG.



There were the usual car sound system, wheels and other car services.

They were also bicycles (Shimano) and motorcycles from Yamaha and Honda

Comparing this one with the car shows in Manila, there will be a wider range of cars on display and test drives available. The only positive part I can see and feel in this car show is that it’s not as crowded.

Boys will be boys and cars will always have models, here in Singapore, the model smiles at the guy with the bigger lens! Must get a 70-200mm f2.8 lens before the next car show.

Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R

Singapore Formula 1… Night Race!

This has got to be the first time for me to take of pictures of object moving as fast.


85 shots (I think), I can use 4 of them. This one stood out…


Hamilton@SG 2008

Hamilton@SG 2008

I think I should practice shooting birds…

Cabs @ SG

I was waiting for the bus at the Kallang MRT station. Across the street was a small fuel station which sells cheap Diesel.


A couple of cabs were queued to have their tanks filled and among those in queue, there were these three cabs that stood out for me.


A lot of you guys know by now that the E Class (Mercedes Benz) is used here in Singapore as a cab.












But these other two cars really caught my attention.


Singapore Formula 1 Tickets

In relation to my earlier post:


I have now received my Formula 1 Walk About tickets!


I was actually expecting the normal tickets you get when watching a concert or a movie…



But I was actually surprised when the ticket was actually an ID. The package also includes a MAP of the race track.


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