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FairPrice Finds! – Colt 45

Found this at Fair Price Xtra at Nex (Serangoon)

Colt 45!

Fairprice Finds (Purefoods Luncheon Meat)

Found this at Fairprice at Nex (Serangoon).

Purefoods Luncheon Meat!!!

I hope they start selling Purefoods Corned Beef really soon!

local grocery finds… Serangoon (near Marine Parade Town Council)

Check out this photo!

I was accompanying my wife while she was buying the regular stuff in a small grocery store in Serangoon and I noticed that this store sold Mang Tomas, UFC Banana Ketchup and Andok’s Litson Sauce!

Prices were also better compared to those shops you find in Lucky Plaza!

They also sell Datu Puti Vinegar (regular and spiced versions).

So just incase you’re in Serangoon, just drop by this store and using my photo as a guide, you’ll know which shelf to look at…

Store is near the old Serangoon bus terminal at the back of Marine Parade Town Council (Serangoon).

Filipino Food at Velocity (Novena): Fiesta Lechon (Cebu Lechon Philippines)

Now here’s a sad story…

We met my wife’s friend and the first thing he told us is that there’s a Filipino stall at Kopitiam at Velocity called Cebu Lechon!

Everyone from the Philippines knows that Cebu Lechon has a distinct taste and crisp so we were excited to visit the stall and try their Lechon…



The next thing that’s disappointing is that they NO LONGER SELL HOUSE OF SILVANAS PRODUCTS.

I just called the House of Silvanas distributor here in Singapore so by the time you click this link the page may have been updated…

For the positives, since this is in Kopitiam, seating is ample and the service is fast.

They have a good menu but I honestly doubt if all items are readily available… For our visit, we tried Sisig, Lechon Kawali and Binagoongan…

All were ok but you must note that Pork Head was not used for the Sisig.

Here’s a photo of their Lechon Kawali.

I will however praise them for the amount of rice they give for every order!

This is definitely a Filipino food stall that understands Filipinos well…

Fiesta Lechon is a great addition to the stalls/restaurants serving Filipino food here in Singapore.

Food is ok, if you’re in Velocity/Novena Square, then it’s definitely worth to give them a visit.

Fairprice Finds!

Now here something funny.

As I was walking around Fairprice at City Square Mall.

At aisle 23, wine and beer section, I have found… Beer na Beer!!!

Filipino Food in Lau Pa Sat, Singapore: Cantunan atbp.

*I have just received information that Cantunan atbp. is now closed*


Here’s a new stall that brings a smile to my face… Catunan atbp. At Lau Pa Sat!

Yes, this is a new food stall in addition to Tapa King, Panyeros, Mang Kiko’s and Happy-V.

The reason Cantunan brings a smile to me is that I remember my college days when we used to eat in cheap stalls along the street which we easily called Hotdugan and Cantunan! Obviously, one sells Foot long hotdogs and the other sells Lucky-Me Pancit Canton.

What makes Cantunan special is that I don’t think there are other Filipino stalls here in Singapore who sells Quek-quek, Puto Bumbong, Bibingka and Binalot.

Although I didn’t get the chance to try much on my visit, it’s a big plus for me that they are open for lunch on a weekend and that service as also good.

Here’s a quick shot of their menu’s which I took.

To wrap up:

Food that is readily prepared is available: No

Food is prepared as you order, although the wait is not that long.

Day Visited for the first time: Saturday

Time/Meal: Lunch

Good for Corporate Lunch/Dinners: Maybe

Its still Lau Pa Sat, so basically, you can bring almost anyone.

Good to eat with Foreign Friends: Yes

Recommended for people who will try Philippine Cuisine for the first time: Yes

Giant finds!

Here’s some Filipino items I found in Giant Supermarket (Vivo City) while we were doing our weekly grocery.

Knorr Sinigang Mix!

Located at Aisle 7 (condiments, sauces, spices and dressings)

Nips (peanut) and Cloud 9

Located at Aisle 9 (chips, chocolate, candy and pudding)

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