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Filipino Food in Harbourfront Center: Rapsa

Now here’s something that’s a big surprise to all of us…
A stall in Food Junction which serves Philippine Cuisine… Rapsa!
Food Junction in Harbourfront Center can be found on the Third Floor.
Location is great since Food Junction always has ample space, proper ventilation and reasonable prices.
If it’s your first time to eat Filipino Food, this might be the perfect place for you.
Prices are not as expensive as Bonifacio and 7,107 Flavours.
Crowds and ambiance are not like those restaurants found in Lucky Plaza (Jologs) and Tanjong Pagar (Kamayan)
And it’s not as busy as the stalls in Lau Pa Sat (Happy V, Panyeros, Mang Kiko’s and Tapa King)
As per my guidelines:
Food that is readily prepared is available: Yes (although some of the items in the menu are prepared upon ordering)
Day Visited (the stall is inside Food Junction, cleanliness is good and its self service)
Good for Corporate Lunch/Dinners: No (it’s a food court…)
Good to eat with Foreign Friends: Yes
Recommended for people who will try Philippine Cuisine for the first time: Yes
If visiting Rapsa for the first time, their Grilled Pork Belly is a must try, they also have Roasted Pork Skewers and Roasted Chicken.
Rapsa’s menu changes almost everyday but their grilled items (Pork, Chicken and Squid) are available all the time.
Service speed needs to be upped a notch since lunch time queue is really bad. But looking at the entire picture, its good food, good price in a good place…

C2 Green Tea in Singapore

I love C2 Green Tea, specially the Lemon flavor. Yes, I prefer Lemon compared to Apple… or any other flavor available.

I even love flying Cebu Pacific because C2 Green Tea is available in their in-flight catalogue… just joking, it’s the flight schedule I’m after but I’ll reserve this for a totally different post.

Back to C2 Green Tea, I love C2 specifically because of its taste. I drink it regularly when I was in Manila and love it even more now since I only get it while I’m on vacation.

Having been staying here in Singapore for quite sometime, I have searched and found Filipino Stores and Restaurants.

Last weekend was different; I even call it special since I have found a small convenience store selling C2 Lemon and Apple in 1.5 liter bottles!

C2 Green Tea (Apple and Lemon) is presently available in ABC Bargain Stores!

Isn’t that good news to C2 fanboys like me!

Sometimes the people in-charge doesn’t have stocks out but just ask them about it if you’re interested.

Shawarma at SG… Anatolia Turkish Restaurant

Here’s a Turkish restaurant which serves Sharwarma!
Anatolia Turkish Restaurant located at the 2nd floor of Far East Plaza in Scotts Road Singapore.
In this restaurant, Shawarma is specifically called Doner Pancake Roll.
I’m not an expert on Turkish cuisine but I have tried two (2) Shawarma’s from two (2) separate Turkish restaurants and I can notice a sweet taste in their sandwiches.
Shawarma is both available in Beef and Chicken and you can also order a meal which will include a drink and fries.
Contact details can be found on their website
Complete address of their Far East Plaza branch is as follows:
Anatolia Turkish Restaurant
14 Scotts Road #02-58/59
Far East Plaza S(228213)

Shawarma in SG!

I would first like to clarify some things before you start reading this post.

Shawarma although not a Filipino food became a fad a couple of years back in Manila. Almost every corner has a Shawarma stall selling either Beef or Chicken Shawarma.

After the 90’s this fad started to fade and only those bigger establishments in Manila survived. Nowadays, a good Shawarma is still available. It is no longer as cheap as the 90’s but as the world has always been survival of the fittest. One will not argue that the better half of Sharwarma restaurants/stalls survived.

Having been here in Singapore for quite sometime, there are some times when I can just help but crave for a Shawarma. It was never easy to find it at first but when I was finally able to find it. The rest was history!

First things first, here in Singapore, they call it Kebab, from Wikipedia, you will notice that they are two (2) different dishes but I believe that part is no longer important. When in Rome do what the Romans do… no matter what it’s called, it’s still the same beef/chicken or lamp wrapped in Pita bread.

You will normally see a Shawarma Oven during Food Fairs in Malls, the only problem with these stalls is consistency and they tend to disappear after the fair. So it’s basically not a long term solution for a craving.

After searching for a permanent solution I have found a couple of establishments selling Kebab…

Tapa King Singapore

Update: Sadly, this place is no longer open for business. (CLOSED)

Tapa King is now in Singapore.

Presently located in Lau Pa Sat, it will definitely satisfy your cravings for their Tapa King, Queen (sweet and spicy Tapa) and Prince (sweet Tapa).

They also have Spicy Tuyo (dried fish).

More commonly known as Tapsilog, Tapa has been a popular item in Philippine restaurants since its easy to prepare.

Wendy’s Singapore!

Wendy’s Burgers is now open (or as per checking with other locals, has re-opened) here in Singapore.

First branch is located at Lau Pa Sat.

I was honestly excited to visit Wendy’s since I am a big fan of their Baked Potatoes, Burgers with Square Patties and Frosty!

After visiting Wendy’s for the first time yesterday, I immediately noticed that they did not have the word “Hamburgers” in their streamer. But the same “lady” in their logo gave me the confidence that this is the same Wendy’s Fast Food chain in the US which we enjoyed in Manila.

After queuing at the counter, I immediately realized that although this Wendy’s is the same Fast Food, their menu is VERY DIFFERENT!

Comparing it with the Wendy’s (Manila) menu, I have immediately noticed the following:

1. No Bacon for Wendy’s Singapore, meaning, no Bacon Mushroom Melt!
2. No Bacon also means no Bacon Bits for their Baked Potatoes.
3. No Salad Bar.
4. No Sugar-Free ice lemon tea.

I also did not notice their Frosty, I’m sure to have seen a poster in the wall but I’m honestly not sure if it was a Frosty or a Sundae.

I loved the fact that the Shrimp Sandwich is part of their regular menu and that they use Heinz as their Ketchup (yes KFC and Pizza Hut Singapore, you need to change your Ketchup brand).

Burger choices here in Singapore is simple, they only have a Quarter Pounder, Half Pounder and 3/4 Pounder (they also stated that weight is before cooking… so if your patty has a ton of fats… good luck!).

Usual chicken sandwich, nuggets and wings are also available together with the usual Wendy’s salads.

Having Wendy’s here in Singapore is great as they give us another Burger Fast Food option. I sure hope additional branches open up soon.

Although I always believed that Bacon should be part of their menu, having a “limited” Wendy’s is way better than no Wendy’s at all.

*sorry for the quality of photos, they were all taken using my Mobile Phone*

Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza is the only place in Singapore where Filipinos can buy specific Philippine products. Ever wonder where you can buy an instant (Lucky Me) pancit canton? Bottled sardines? And even Philippine Soy Sauce and Vinegar. You can all find them in Lucky Plaza.

Shops in Lucky Plaza also offer remittance services to the Philippines, they have better rates and cheaper remittance fees.

There are also Restaurants serving Filipino Food inside Lucky Plaza, the more popular ones are Kabayan and GP Asia.

Lucky Plaza is also a home to shops selling electronic devices, although I will not recommend you to buy gadgets here, there are times when shops do offer good prices/deals.

One of the more reputable camera shops is Lord’s.

This mall’s atmosphere is very different from its neighboring malls in Orchard Rd. but if you’re a Filipino in Singapore, you must try visiting Lucky Plaza at least once.

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