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Goodbye to my Nikon AF-S 55-200 f4-5.6 VR

This lens is the second least used lens in my gear.
Having sold my Nikon 28-80 the longest lens I have right now is 50mm.
Photography is my hobby and among my lenses, the 55-200 was only used during my weekend shoots.
I used to use my Tamron 17-50 and Nikon 28-80 for vacations, my Sigma 10-20 for landscape and 50mm for portraits.
The 55-200 was just used for wildlife (zoo) and portraits where my 50mm did a better job.
Although I plan of having a 80-200 f2.8 someday it all starts with letting go of some pieces I have now to have enough space for movement in the future.
Here are some photos taken using my Nikon AF-S 55-200 f4-5.6 VR.

Micro SIM Card Cutter

My latest “gadget” for 2011…

A Micro SIM Card Cutter!!!
I am not a guy who is new to cutting SIM Cards, I have cut a couple of SIM cards a couple of years back when I was using a special adapter to make a regular phone work with 2 SIM cards.
I’m talking about these type of adapters which changes your network every time you turn your phone on and off.
When I bought an iPhone 4, my carrier was asking me to pay extra SGD 20.00 for a new micro SIM card because as all of us know, the iPhone and iPad uses a Micro SIM Card, I immediately said no to the customer service guy and told him that I’ll just take the risk of cutting my SIM card.
When I got home, I made the necessary measurements and after grabbing the best pair of scissors we have at home, I cut my SIM and it worked perfectly.
Using a cut SIM card on the iPhone 4 is ok, but since the SIM card also has a dedicated holder/tray; it’s a bit risky if you cut your SIM too much.
Therefore, after some research, I decided to get a Micro SIM Card Cutter.
Seeing and using it is very simple, it’s just like a regular puncher.
Its design and finish will definitely not win any awards and it really feels like you should keep it away from water and moisture to avoid rust.
I have already used it to cut a colleague’s SIM card and I’m planning to tag it along on my next vacation because I haven’t seen a pre-paid Micro SIM Card…
Just a tip for those who also plan to get one of these cutters, after cutting the SIM card, use a sand paper to clean up the newly cut SIM, this will make your SIM fit smoother when you insert it on your phone’s SIM tray.

I got myself an iPhone!

I have been a Windows Mobile user for a very long time…
My first Windows Mobile Phone was the Smart Amazing Phone (also known as the HTC Tanager), then I bought an I-Mate Jam (also known as the HTC Magician), then I used a Dopod 838 (also known as the HTC Wizard) and lastly the Asus P525.
I used a Nokia E63 for more than a year after the Asus P525 as I was still undecided on which phone to get next.
I wanted to wait for a new WebOS device from HP but the waiting seemed to take forever.
RIM’s Blackberry is really not for me, Windows Mobile 7 just didn’t have the apps and features I need now and I find Android too risky for me.
Let me explain on what I mean about Android’s risks.
You see, I love upgrades… My Smart Amazing Phone ran on Imate’s ROM (instead of the original ROM from Smart). I was happy with the Imate Jam’s ROM so I just changed my wife’s O2 XDA mini’s ROM to run Imate too. And my Dopod 838 also ran an Imate ROM.
Although these ROMs were not official, they were available with the risk of only voiding your warranty.
For Android, un-official upgrades are also available, this would be my choice of Mobile OS 5 years ago but since I am now very busy with work and other family stuff, I can no longer research and gamble on installing a new Mobile OS.
Not all Android phones are guaranteed to have an official update to the latest Android version, just look at Sony Ericsson’s X10 mini, they presently run on Éclair (2.1) even if Froyo (2.2) has been available for a while and Gingerbread (2.3) is officially released.
If you use Android devices, you’ll know that performance from Éclair to Froyo is a big upgrade and next year, Android will have Honeycomb.
This is just a very big issue for me for Android devices as I will not be happy getting stuck at Éclair knowing that Froyo and above is much better.
For Apple devices, (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) an update is almost assured for at least the next 4 years (updates for the original iPhone and iPod Touch are no longer available).
Updates are easy to install since you only need to sync your device to iTunes and we all know that there’s almost an app for everything…
All my favorite apps and games are available on the iPhone and Android but the iPhone version just works better.
I can list a lot of reasons why I decided to get an iPhone but basically the biggest factor is that WebOS is just taking too long to release a new phone, Android upgrades are not guaranteed and Windows Mobile 7 does not have the complete features I need.
Hopefully, other manufacturers come up with better tablets before I decide to get an iPad next year…

Goodbye to my Nikkor 28-80 f3.3-5.6G Lens

After owning a this specific lens, I have decided to let it go…
Don’t get me wrong, it’s was a very good and sharp lens, but at the end of the day there are just things which you look for which this lens cannot provide.
Ranked by kenrockwell as one of Nikon’s Top 10 Lenses
I find it not wide enough and not long enough when used with a D90.
Here are some photos I have taken using this lens…

Why not the iPad… Yet!

Before I start this, I just want everyone to know how much I love the iPad.
I find it unbelievable that for so long, we had laptops with resistive touch screen and it took so much time before a Tablet such as the iPad was released.
Now, here are the reasons why I still do not own an iPad.
All of my video files (except for the complete seasons/episode of Drawn Together) are in AVI format.
Thanks to the CineXPlayer, the iPad can now play AVIs but transferring of files still needs iTunes…
I love iBooks but as mentioned above, it would be nice if I could transfer files (PDFs) wirelessly.
Although WiFi Sync is available it only works for jailbroken devices.
The last reason of not buying an iPad YET is that sadly its competitors haven’t released anything yet… HP has no WebOS Tablets yet, Blackpad is not yet announced and the Android tablet is not yet officially available.
I would personally want to see how the iPad’s competitors look like and perform before I make an actually purchase.

Motorola HT820 + Jabra a125s + Nokia E63 = 1 big happy geek!

Finally, I was able to pair my Motorola HT820 with my Jabra a125s and my Nokia E63.

So basically, My Jabra a125s is paired with my headset while connected to my iPad Classic for music (A2DP + AVRCP) at the same time, my Nokia E63 is also connected which allows me to answer calls.

Procedure was not as simple as it used to be with my Asus P525.

First I had to pair my headset (HT820) with the phone E63.

After pairing, headset must be set to discoverable again to pair with the a125s. Once the a125s and HT820 are paired, turn on the E63’s Bluetooth and it should automatically connect1 with the headset.

1 I’m assuming that the headset is an “authorized device”.

iGo (Stowaway) Bluetooth Keyboard paired with an iPhone

I have had a Bluetooth keyboard for quite sometime, it was originally paired with my XDA mini, then with my Dopod 838 and eventually my Asus P525. But ever since I decided to replace my Asus P525 with my Nokia E63 my Bluetooth keyboard has been collecting dust in my drawer.

Then came the iOS 4 update for the iPhone, this update honestly made me excited as it promised the ability of pairing the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Since I do not own a 3GS nor an iPad, I had to wait for one of my colleagues to upgrade to iOS4 before making my initial test.

This morning, I’m proud to confirm that the iPhone 3GS with iOS4 can be paired with the iGo Bluetooth keyboard.

To be specific, this Bluetooth keyboard is re-branded as Dell but its actually the iGo Bluetooth keyboard made by Stowaway.

Pairing is easy, just set the keyboard to discoverable (press the Ctrl + right Fn + left Fn until the green light blinks). Once found by your iPhone, the iPhone will provide a 4 digit number. Press the 4 digit number on the keyboard and press enter.

I have tried to use it while typing an e-mail/sms and typing on notes.

I’m really happy to decide to keep this keyboard, and now, thanks to Apple’s iOS4, its back as my traveling companion!

If you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment below. I will also try to update my observations.

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