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Singapore Bike Sharing

Singapore now has “bike sharing,” it’s great and fun… But as always, it can be improved.

First thing you have to know is that there are presently 3 private companies offering their bikes… Mobike, oBike and ofo.

You will easily notice that Mobike is orange, oBike and ofo are both yellow but ofo (normally) does not come with a basket.

Here’s the first problemYou need 3 apps! Since you don’t know which bike is nearby. I personally have the Mobike and oBike apps on my phone.

Update: Just removed Mobike since I see 90% oBike’s in my area.

Next problem, deposit… So 3 apps will mean 3X the deposit!

Another problem I experienced with oBike is that 1 phone can only use 1 bike at a time, I had to download the app, add a credit card and pay the deposit so that my wife can ride another bike.

Then there’s a problem of “where can I find a bike?” Yes you can find one near MRT stations. But near your home? That can be a challenge.

GPS is a big help, but…

It would be great if the bikes have a dedicated rack where you earn points (or even credits) if you return the bike there.

It will help lessen the eye sore brought by these bikes that are literally parked everywhere!

Here’s what I mean when I walked around last Saturday.

A bike near the bus stops.

Singapore Bike Sharing

Bike Singapore

Bike Sharing

Near a parking lot

oBike Singapore

Another bike outside HarbourFront MRT


If you notice a trend here… People just leave their bikes where its comfortable and convenient for them.

I’m sure you will also notice that there are just bikes everywhere…

A little order would be nice… And it will be impossible to ask people to put bikes in racks if they won’t get anything from it!

Another suggestion is a bigger basket behind the seat… Mobike and oBike both provide small baskets in front… A bigger basket would be nice for those trips to the market.

The oBike I tried is on the heavier side, I understand that we should not expect a light body… But maybe they should have looked at the possible gear ratios to make the ride lighter… We don’t need them to be fast anyway.

Download links

Mobike App

As I said at the start of this post, Singapore’s bike sharing is “great and fun.”

I’d love to see improvements, but so far. It’s a good start.


Singapore Love Locks

Hmmm, looks like someone in Clarke Quay decided it was time for Singapore to have it’s own place for love locks


Photo was taken in outside The Central

So yes, in Asia, the Koreans have the bigger more popular one

But let’s give this one a chance… Until Clarke Quay/The Central management decides its time to start something new.

350 Ahlone Road, Yangon, Myanmar



I was basically in the country for a 2 day business trip…

I didn’t want to expect too much since I have very little information about the country…

But the hotel was good… So that’s a good start.

Around 20mins walk from the Shwedagon Pagoda, people’s park is right across the street.

Walking distance from the hotel are Indian, Mediterranean, Japanese and Singaporean restaurants.

Swimming pool was not available during my visit due to expansion/renovation.


Yes… That’s a real key!



You get Instant Coffee and 3 bottles of bottled water.


Robes, room slippers and a standard safe. Laundry/dry cleaning is available.


You’ll love the size of the shower!


Usual toiletries are provided (shaver, toothbrush, lotion, soap, shampoo etc)


I guess for safety reasons… Hair dryer is outside the room.

Fridge is empty (always a big plus for me)


As you can see… The room is big… High ceiling is also a big plus…


I guess the ceiling fan is there for power failure (?), there’s also a torchlight.

You don’t get a balcony…


But from the window, you can see the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Breakfast is inclusive…


Selection may not be that big. But you’ll always find something.

Gym is available… It’ not big (maybe thanks to the renovation?) But there’s an instructor available all the time!


I must admit… I’ve seen hotels in Yangon with better location. But I was really happy with my 2 night stay at Summit Parkview Hotel.

Goodbye… Reebok Zig…

January 01, 2017… Time to say goodbye to my Reebok Zig!


Received a pair last July 2011.

And, If I remember correctly, I’ve used it for 3 10km runs, and 3 overseas trips.

While walking home after watching the New Year fireworks at Marina Bay… Someone accidentally stepped at the back of my heel and it ripped my shoe’s sole!

Had to walk from the Double Helix bridge until Downtown MRT station with a broken shoe!

More than 5 years with this shoe isn’t bad… It lasted way longer than any of the Nike Air Max’s I’ve owned…

Before throwing away my Zig… I decided to keep the insoles for my sneakers…


EB by Everbest


My wife loves her Everbest shoes… She uses a pair for her daily commute…

It’s my first time to buy a pair from them as my “commute shoes” from Crocs will retire soon.

Bought the 2 for SGD 99.00 which is a common sight at Everbest Stores.

First thing I noticed is that these shoes are branded as EB by Everbest…


Individually sold at SGD 69.00-79.00, it doesn’t make sense to just buy 1 pair.


It’s nice to see that the shoes’ have good packaging, I really didn’t expect it for its price point.


The pair I got was comfortable, mainly due to the insole

Should be perfect for my daily commute and long walks.

Since both shoes will be used for long walks… I decided to buy shoes with rubber soles…

Not only will they last longer, they will offer a better grip for uneven surfaces.

Have to use these new pairs for a couple of months before I can give a better verdict.

But so far so good… The soles are comfortable, the shoes are light, and (so far) the shoe laces doesn’t loosen up on its own.

Please click here for more information about Everbest.

Before I comment about the watch…

Here’s a history of the brand… From their website


CB History 1

1536 – The Claude Bernard Story

In the mid-16th century, the 27-year-old Frenchman John Calvin broke with the Roman Catholic Church and fled to Geneva, Switzerland. Numerous French Huguenots followed him. As a result of religious policies Calvin banned all jewellery, such as beads, bracelets, gold and gemstones, because they had no place in the worship of God. Consequently, goldsmiths and jewellers were forced to turn to a new craft – watchmaking. It was the perfect thing to do for these highly skilled fabricators.

CB History 2

1540 – Les Genevez, the place where everything started

Many of these highly skilled mecaniciens moved north and master mechanic Claude Bernard was one of them. He discovered the gorgeous, almost divine, high-plateau in the midst of the Jura headlands, a secluded mountain-range along the French border. As a tribute to his hometown Geneva (French Genève) he called this charming hideout “Les Genevez”.

If you want to see the entire write-up, you have to visit their website

I did a Wikipedia search…

Yes, there’s a John Calvin but he fled to Basel…

Although according to Google Maps… It should only be around half a day walk

Wikipedia also mentions that by June 1536, Mr. Calvin was already in Paris!

Although their website mentions that it was a guy named Claude Bernard from Les Genevez who was a “master mechanic” I cannot find any information about him online.

Another FYI… Les Genevez’s Wikipedia page does not mention anything about “watch making”… Compared to Biel/Bienne which mentioned their watch industry

Here’s a more realistic(???) history about the brand from A Blog to Watch

Before we begin discussing the watch itself in more detail, let’s take a brief moment to acquaint ourselves with the brand itself. Claude Bernard was a Swiss watchmaker who established his company in 1973, in a small town along the Swiss Jura mountains. Today, the brand belongs to Victor Strambini, who also owns Edox Swiss Watches, meaning that Claude Bernard is more or less a sister company of Edox. In essence, with Claude Bernard, we are not looking at a brand that boasts extensive history – but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The concept behind the brand is a rather contemporary one, as it aims to offer Swiss-made quartz and mechanical watches in the highly competitive 150 to 800 dollar price segment.

Enough about the brand…

Here’s a little background on why I purchased a Claude Bernard Watch…

I was hoping to find an inexpensive watch from The Swatch Group’s mid-range brands… But I cannot find a ladies watch (something below 36mm) with a date.

The watch will be a gift for daily use and the recipient prefers one with a date.

Also had no luck with Aigner… And fashion brands…

OK, some fashion brands did have a date window, but it also came with crystals…

I really hate those cheap crystals in watches… They loose their shine and tend to look cheap a couple of years later…

Why Claude Bernard?

It’s Swiss Made, which means at least 60% of it is made it Switzerland!

Claude Bernard Swiss Made

Again, according the this website, this (70149 3 BB) particular model has a ETA F06.111 movement.

The Claude Bernard 70149 3 BB…

Claude Bernard 70149 3 BB

Claude Bernard 70149 3 BB back

The “70149 3 BB” (yes, that’s the model name) looks like a love child of a Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic and Daniel Wellington’s St. Mawes



The strap and the watch’s feel also reminds me of the St. Mawes

Would be nice if the strap used a deployment buckle, although it may add to the watch’s price…

For the 70149 3 BB’s price, it can be a good option as a gift… Or for those who prefer simple and light watches.

It looks like something from Daniel Wellington, yes its that simple!… But personally, having the date window is a big plus.

Being quartz, I cannot recommend it to everyone… But if you need something that tells time and date… You should consider Claude Bernard‘s watches.

P.S. If you check Claude Bernard’s website, the 70149 3 BB should be under their Sophisticated Classics line… It looks very similar to the 54005 3 AIN which uses a Ronda 585 movement.

Pokemon Go!


So before I start writing about a game that I have never played… (as of writing, its not yet available in Asia)

My sister grew up as the biggest Pokemon fan…

For 2 straight years, all she wanted was a PokeDex…

(credits to the site owner)

Yes, we bought her 2… They didn’t last very long… And it was very much useless!

While chatting with her… I told her that a Pokemon game would be awesome if you can get your own Pokemon… Train it… Then run to your neighborhood arcade to battle with other Pokemon trainers… Street Fighter style…

Of course my sister who was then very young gave me a very strange stare…

Fast forward to 2016…

Nintendo gives us Pokemon Go!

As I said, since its not yet available in Asia…

All I know about it is what I’ve read and what I’ve seen in YouTube…

You get your Pokemons in a virtual world… Train it… Then you can go battle… Wow!!!

How I wish the game would evolve into something where you can play it… Street Fighter style (with other trainers) and RPG style (when you’re alone)…

Maybe it can also have the “finish him” move (like Mortal Kombat) so that the loosing trainer will have to find another Pokeon to train after loosing a battle.

Would be nice how Nintendo can make all this work with the help of a new console…

Pokemon Go from iTunes US

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