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Parker Insignia

Looking for a replacement stylus?

Most of the PDA’s nowadays does not come with an extra stylus or the stylus is just too small. Gone are the days when the XDA II had a stylus with a perfect length and finish!


My Asus P525 even has an all plastic stylus which is not very pleasant to the eyes.


Anyway, I am posting this thread for all those looking for an alternative. I have been using the Parker Insignia (multi function) for more than a year now and I only have one complain… refills are not available here in Singapore! My refills come from the Philippines! I have a Japanese colleague using the same pen and his refills come from Japan!


As you can see, this pen is 3 in 1 but you cannot replace the pencil option. My pen has a Blue ink a stylus and the pencil, my colleague uses a Blue and red ink plus the pencil.


Here’s the Pencil:



The Blue ink:


And the Stylus:


3 in one pen!


It’s still a Parker


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