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HTC One A9 looks like another miss for HTC!

My first 3 “Smartphones” were made by HTC.

The Tanager, XDA II mini and the Dopod 838.

I loved them so much, my wife replaced her Nokia 6610 with a XDA II mini and later an i-mate K-Jam.

Sadly, the Wizard was the last HTC device for both of us.

I later used an Asus P525 and my wife needed something she can use in the US… The Razr.

HTC makes unbelievably great phone hardware.

I remember recommending the HTC One (M7) to my friends and colleagues, but they all decided to get the Galaxy S4 from Samsung!

Why not HTC? Accordingly to them, their Hero, ChaCha and Salsa were really bad phones.

I gave them the funny look and told them it’s not fair to judge the HTC One based on their experience with entry level phones.

Sadly, people they knew who used devices from Samsung (like the Galaxy Ace and Y) did not have the same issues they encountered…

So here’s my point… HTC lost the trust of a generation (I was mostly talking to early to mid-20’s who were on their first jobs). Older guys think their ok, but the younger ones prefer (Android) devices from Samsung and Xiaomi (and lately LG).

For HTC to revive it’s glory days, it needs a device that’s inexpensive. And that device is definitely not the A9!

According to The Verge, the A9 will cost $399.99 that version will have 3GB of RAM and 32GB Storage. However, in the UK, the device will cost £429.99 ($665) for a device that will only have 2GB RAM and 16GB storage.

I wonder how much will the Asian version cost and what configuration will it have…

HTC US also promised Android updates, but again no one is sure if they’re talking about US devices only.

At $399.99, the A9 will be competing against the Moto X Pure Edition, the Nexus 5X and the iPhone 5S.

It’s 2015! You want your device on the hands of rappers/artists and athletes! Since HTC may have budget issues to do that, they can tap another market… High school kids! Last time I checked, they were either using an iPhone (5 and newer), Samsung Galaxy (A5/S4/Note 2 and newer) and Xiaomi!

I would forgive HTC if they made a 5C replica… Like Xiaomi’s Mi4i and sold it for $200.00… An Android One device from HTC will make the world go crazy…

The A9? How the mighty has fallen with no parachute!

Like what I mentioned earlier on my BlackBerry Venice post…

HTC (like BlackBerry) needs to put devices on as many hands as possible, and we’re not talking about a useless slab of glass and plastic! The device needs to be reliable and good…

A mobile phone at less than $200.00 is impulse buy territory and some parents will buy it for their children.

If people realize that the brand is ok, they will start to spend more and consider the mid-range and flagship devices later.

It’s what the Chinese OEMs are doing and maybe, HTC should try to take a peek on that strategy.

Dear Google… (a Wishlist for Future Nexus Devices)

To those who aren’t familiar with Nexus Devices

They are Devices (Phone or Tablet) released by Google that runs stock Android…

No TouchWiz, HTC Sense and Motoblur. Actually almost all manufacturers put their own skin on top of Android… But for me, stock Android is perfect…


There are rumors that Google is planning to launch additional Nexus Devices…

I just hope that they consider to release devices with the following features as the market doesn’t need another slate with limited physical buttons.

Phone for Gamers

Xperia Play was a good idea… I hate playing games on my Phone since the screen is too small. Viewing the game on a 4 inch screen plus having your thumbs block the screen is really not a good idea…

Can you just imagine if a Nexus Version of the Xperia Play can mirror video to your TV using the Nexus Q?

Qwerty Phones

There are very few choices if your looking for a Smartphone with a Qwerty keyboard.

Most people I see use (a company issued) Bold and I think the next option will be the Chacha (if you want something running Android).

Sliders (e.g. the Dream and the Droid) are available and I honestly prefer them BUT I would prefer that the keyboard slides in portrait mode, just like the Torch and the Pre.

I once had a colleague who wanted a Qwerty Phone for SMS/IM and did not want a Bold. She decided to get a Chacha and hated the phone everyday… It would be nice if Google can look into this form factor as the market needs more options.

7 Inch Tablet with Full SD Card – or better yet, a CF Card!

Great for photographers.

I presently use a camera connection kit for my iPad and it’s really annoying bacause you need to copy the photos to your internal memory before you can view them in full screen. Another option I have is using the Eye-Fi but it really affects my camera and tablet’s battery life.

The Thrive had a Full SD Card slot but limited internal memory.

What if, theres a device that can accept a Full SD Card for easy access of files and a MicroSD Card for Apps…

7 Inch Tablet with Full USB Port

The Iconia A500 has one and AC Ryan also released a 7 inch tablet with a USB Port.

Great idea since transferring files from PC to tablet will be easier… it will also allow users to use a cheaper USB keyboard and mouse for productivity.

Portable Media Devices with Camera – its hard to get rid of our point and shoots. They still have better sensors and better zoom compared to a smart phone.

As Nikon Announced the S800c and Samsung is also rumored to release their own Android Camera

This will definitely excite the casual shooter who just loves to upload photos in Social Networking sites. For the more serious photographers… Then the tablet with an SD/CF Card will be a better device for them.

Now of all the devices I mentioned above… Wouldn’t it be great if they can all connect to a Lapdock???

I know its not that easy to create the perfect device but I believe Google with all its hardware partners has what it takes to innovate…

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