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Google should release a bootable USB Drive with ChromeOS!

They can call it the Chrome Stick!

Think about it…

USB Drive pre-loaded with ChromeOS which can run on your old PC or Netbook!

If they’re worried about sales of Chromebooks/boxes, they can just release it for developing countries.

It will really help government schools where computer to student ratio is bad.

We all have old notebooks/desktops at home which will just add trash to our landfills!

Maybe with Google’s help these computers can be made useful for the next user.

How will this benefit Google?

Just imagine a group of kids… Clicking on the Chrome icon everytime they want to browse the internet… All those kids growing up to use Google Search!

I honestly grew up learning to click the IE icon… Google can change that if only they can move ChromeOS fast enough.

A sub-$25.00 USB stick will get them there!

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