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D’Resort Singapore (REVISIT)


Visited D’Resort again last weekend thanks to a company event.

This time, we stayed in what they call the “Rain-forest” section which was more like a hotel.





Compared to the rooms in the “Mangrove” side which have a real fridge, we only got a small chiller.

I also remember seeing a microwave oven in our first visit, which is not available in our room this time.

View from the window is Wild Wild Wet


TV is available, but it only has local channels.


I have to admit, I was really surprised on how nicely the rooms were maintained.

Shower and toilets were all clean and free from molds!




Even the A/C vents were dust free!

Room internet is available and as per my testing, there’s no limit on the device per room. Although the speed is just enough for light work.

2019-08-24 538pm

2019-08-24 539pm

(speed test was done using Google Chrome on my Windows 10 Company PC)

4 years after my first visit, I am just amazed on how nice D’Resort is and I hope they can maintain it. The bar has been set high and will see if they can meet the same bar again on my next visit.

D’Resort Singapore

Visited D’Resort over the weekend (September 26-27, 2015 to be exact)…

If my observation/understanding is correct, Costa Sands Downtown East and Pasir Ris is gone and D’Resort will be the replacement…

Nearest bus stop is Aft Loyang Gardens (2nd stop, bus 354 from Pasir Ris interchange)

D Resort

You can also alight from Downtown East (1st stop, bus 354 from Pasir Ris interchange) bus stop but it will be quite a walk.

BBQ Pits are more spacious (compared to the old Costa Sands Downtown East), rooms are also improved.

Our room had a Samsung Smart TV, regular sized 2 door fridge and a Microwave Oven.

Free WiFi was available however its very slow and unreliable.

Here are some items you should know if your planning to visit.

1. Only towels, shower gel, toilet paper and soap are provided in the toilet… Bring your own toiletries and facial tissue!

2. TV only has local channels

3. The room did not have a safe (or may be there is, but I don’t remember seeing one.

4. Signal from Singtel, Starhub and M1 were all not consistent. Singtel (iPhone 6 & 5S) cannot get a proper data (mostly GPRS only), Starhub (iPhone 6) was also bad. My S6 on M1 was getting 4G, but my daughter’s iPhone 5C was also just getting GPRS.

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