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My Multiply Account!

Finally, after planning to start a Multiply account for the longest time, my page is now up and running!

As of today, photos in my flickr account will almost reach 200 and if I do not upgrade to a “pro” account soon, my older photos will be “hidden”.

As I do not want to pay for online photo storage alone, I have decided to sign up to multiply in order to store my photos online.

I have no idea yet if Multiply has a limit to the number of photos stored and number of albums created, but I’m sure that before I reach the maximum, I will be able to find another site to host my photos again, I know you might be thinking how stingy I am, but in these hard economic times, its always good if we can save a little.

Don’t get me wrong, my flickr account will still be updated with my favorite photos, but if you want to see the specific album where that specific photo belongs, my Multiply site will always be available.

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