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Globe’s SPAM… 2346!

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Globe! I still feel their better than Smart and Sun!  Although I also keep Sun thanks to their unlimited calls and text (SMS).


I have been a Globe user for the longest time and even now that I am based abroad, I still keep a Globe SIM roaming just incase someone from the Philippines needs to reach me.


Just a couple of months ago, I realized that my phone credits were zero by the end of the month. This really felt strange since I only use my Globe SIM to receive SMS, no other use for it.


Then making a couple of calls to their customer service (+632-730-1000) I found out that they were charging me PhP 2.50 per received message.


This may not sound like a lot of money but they were sending almost 10 useless messages per day! Since my phone was roaming, I cannot reply to deactivate the subscription as a reply will cost me more than PhP 40.00.


Thankfully, their customer service was able to cancel my subscription which I did not apply for in the first place!


I just hope people with authority (like NTC) in the Philippines realize that a big company is stealing from the people!


Sending SPAM e-mails is annoying, this is a type of SPAM we receive on our mobile phones and we even have to pay for it even if it contains useless information! 

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