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Heineken Beer Can Speaker

Just got myself a Speaker from Heineken!

Actually I was buying beer from our local shop when I noticed a pack of 9 box which includes another can which was actually a portable speaker.

This speaker can connect to your device through USB or a 3.5mm jack.

Sadly, Heineken did not give any instructions about this speaker so everything I’m sharing here is actually based on experience.

The speaker looks great, it actually feels like a normal beer can. I heard/read that its actually made of aluminum so be careful not to drop this as it will surely have dents.

Cable can be found underneath the speaker, DO NOT TWIST the bottom cover as you’ll break it. You can open the bottom cover by just pulling it off (its a bit difficult at first but you’ll get used to it.)

The speaker also requires 2 AA Batteries, the battery slot is a bit tight and I was not able to use my regular rechargeable batteries.

It also does not have an on/off switch dont forget to take out the batteries after use as it will surely get drained.

Tried the sound quality on my iPhone while inside a reasonably sized room and the sound was ok. I would suggest that you do not expect too much from this speaker since its almost free.

Its fun to own and maybe it will start a funny conversation someday… Of all the promotional stuffs I have seen/received, this is definitely better than a beer mug/glass and cooler 🙂

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