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Mutiara Johor Bahru

Spent a weekend at Mutiara Hotel with my family.

It’s actually our first time in Johor Bahru and we did not know what to expect.

Mutiara’s rates are affordable compared to Singapore hotels.

Room size is ok but for my family, the tub is a bit small.

Facilities include a gym and a swimming pool.

They do not have lifeguards so please don’t leave your children unattended.

Hotel lobby has wifi but you’ll need to ask for a password from the front desk.

Prices of drinks in the room’s bar is a bit pricey (as of 01 September 2012), thankfully there’s a mall (Holiday Plaza) just beside the hotel.

Click for a larger image

Our room came with complimentary buffet breakfast for 2 adults and our daughter.

Breakfast was the usual stuff you would expect from a budget hotel.

Holiday Plaza Mall is just beside Mutiara… But honestly, don’t expect too much from it…

Positive side is that Holiday Plaza has McDonalds and a KFC.

KFC Malaysia serves buns! It’s not the dinner rolls we’re all looking for but at least we don’t get our carbs from instant mashed potatoes alone…

Here’s how Holiday Plaza loks like from the inside…

Of all the shops, I only saw one stall inside selling beer… Didn’t bother searching for wines or hard drinks since there are more shops selling bootleg items than alcoholic drinks in this mall.

To wrap up my experience with Mutiara Hotel…

The experience was great! For its price, I will recommend it for a short 3-4 night vacation.

A week stay will be too much since they’re buffet breakfast has limited items.

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