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Generic MP3 Players + Mac

Before I begin this post, I would just like to define a Generic MP3 Player (as per this post). They are those MP3 players who are recognized as a Mass Storage Device when connected to a Mac or a PC.

Windows users has a ton of available software that can be used to sync Windows Media Player and iTunes to a Generic MP3 Player but to Mac users, ever wonder how to sync a generic MP3?

The old procedure I used to do is by (1) Selecting the Specific Song in iTunes. (2) Right Click the select “Show in Finder”. (3) Copy the MP3 File and paste it in the MP3 Player.

Really a hassle if you ask me, this is the reason why (ever since I switched to a Mac) all my non-iPod MP3 players are just playing the role of a paper weight at home!

I have searched forums on how to sync a Generic MP3 Player on a Mac with iTunes and they told me that my original procedure was incorrect, apparently I can just (1) Copy a song from iTunes (no need to view the file from Finder) and (2) Paste it in my MP3 Player.

This really cuts my original procedure in Half but I was hoping that there was a way to just click sync and all the songs from my specific playlist will be transferred.

This is where I searched and read and tried various softwares which are available online. I stumbled upon a software which was a fit to my needs.

iTuneMyWalkman is a small and free software which can sync any Phone, MP3 Player and even a Flash Drive with iTunes.

There are different ways to set it up but I decided not to install any scripts from my iTunes and just use iTuneMyWalkman as an external software.

Now, loading songs to my Generic MP3 Player is this simple.

(1) Create a playlist in iTunes. (2) Open iTuneMyWalkman and edit the necessary preferences. (3) Click Sync. The software will also delete all the MP3’s in the specified folder which is not included in your Playlist.

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